Blitz: With These Wings By Wendy Knight

With These Wings
By Wendy Knight

Seventeen-year-old Phoenyx was taken by the aliens who were supposed to save humanity. But Phoenyx didn’t die. She escaped.
Changed, different. Terrifying.
Now she protects the people she used to call neighbors and friends, despite the fact that they don’t trust her. She looks like the aliens—beautiful, strong, and winged. And that’s why those she protects want her dead.
She doesn’t blame them.
All the while, she’s searching for Cole, the boy whose arms she was ripped from the night she was taken. When he shows up at their compound with a new love, everything Phoenyx has been fighting for is turned on its head, and she has to figure out what side she’s really on and who she really is before she loses herself completely.
Never trust beautiful things.

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Nyx scooted closer to the rocky precipice, and then just a bit further, so she could curl her toes around the edge. The wind howled, jerking at her hair and loose, black dress. She stared down, trying to estimate the drop. It was so far she couldn’t see the bottom in the darkness, but then, the moon wasn’t giving her much light tonight. She spread her arms wide, embracing the emptiness, and tumbled forward.
She fell so fast that the mountainside blurred around her and the scream of the wind in her ears almost, almost, drowned out the roar of adrenaline. The ground raced up to meet her, seemingly hungry for her blood, aching for her death.
Not today.
Her wings shot out, jerking her to a stop mid-air, her feet almost grazing the ground that had moments before been a demon about to devour her alive.

Wendy Knight is the award-winning, bestselling author of the young adult series Fate on Fire and Riders of Paradesos. She was born and raised in Utah by a wonderful family who spoiled her rotten because she was the baby. Now she spends her time driving her husband crazy with her many eccentricities (no water after five, terror when faced with a live phone call, no touching the knives…you get the idea). She also enjoys chasing her three adorable kids, playing tennis, watching football, reading, and hiking. Camping is also big—her family is slowly working toward a goal of seeing all the National Parks in the U.S.
You can usually find her with at least one Pepsi nearby, wearing ridiculously high heels for whatever the occasion. And if everything works out just right, she will also be writing.

The award winning author of Feudlings. Check out my newest series, Toil & Trouble!
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Blitz: Prairie Storm By Tessa Layne

Prairie Storm
By Tessa Layne

He’s a down-home rancher…
Axel Hansen is Prairie’s fickle Casanova and resident prankster. Ten years ago, he wanted nothing more than to settle down on the family ranch with his college sweetheart. But his adrenaline junkie girlfriend, Haley, chose her profession over love.

She’s the thrill seeker who broke his heart…
Meteorologist Haley Cooper has devoted her career to facing down tornadoes and saving lives. She’s finally offered the promotion of a lifetime, but it means boarding at the last place on Earth she thought she’d see again and facing down her biggest regret.

Will lightning strike twice for love?
Axel jumps at the chance to help Haley with her research, and before they know it, they’re caught in the crosswinds of love and obligation. But as devastating tornadoes rip through the area, they’ll have to confront their feelings for each other and decide if their love can weather any storm.


In case you didn’t know…”  He launched into his best imitation of a Brett Young song he’d heard a few times. “Baby I’m crazy ‘bout ya.”
Coop shut her eyes, shaking her head. But a grin curved her full mouth. “Just. Stop.” She shook her head again. “No one could make me laugh like you could.”
Pleasure roared to life inside him. He didn’t know why it was so important to him to hear that, but it was. Like she hadn’t just walked out of his life and never thought about him again. Like maybe, just maybe, she’d missed him? That maybe there was some reason she’d bolted without a word, and not just that she’d grown tired of him and decided he wasn’t worth loving.
Axel hopped up and aimed for the cooler that held dinner. “I don’t know about you, but I’m famished.” Why had that song popped into his head? He’d come dangerously close to expressing himself, and while he wanted her – God did he want – he’d already made his move. And he’d be a fool to go there again while she was making it clear he was to stay at arm’s length. But, he didn’t have to make it easy for her to keep him there. Eventually she’d give in. He could see the heat in her eyes when he caught her staring. And he’d felt it when they kissed. She wanted him too. He knew it.

The man in front of her was no longer the soft cheeked, buff young man she’d abandoned. Rather, an older, hardened version stood in front of her. All planes and valleys and miles of muscle. Same ginger hair, but now a scruffy shadow covered his jaw. The kind of scruff she’d love to pass her hands over.
Axel’s eyes were obscured by aviators that suited his older, leaner self. And while her heart leapt from its cage, she didn’t miss the way his mouth opened then flattened, or the way his temple throbbed when he clamped his jaw.
Her body quivered in recognition. Until he mouthed the words Holy Shit.
“What the hell are you doing here?” Axel spat, anger punctuating every word.
Haley swallowed and smiled brightly. In a million years, she’d never imagined a reunion with Axel going like this. Her heart pounded deafeningly, blotting out the songbirds in the nearby trees.
All the words and platitudes she’d practiced on the drive up from Norman fell away. Because the truth was, even after ten years, Axel Hansen still managed to take her breath away. And what was she supposed to do with that?

He’d always kept his hair short back then. This wilder, untamed Axel was pushing all the right buttons. He made a noise in the back of his throat and pulled away, leaning his forehead against hers as her breathing slowly returned to normal.
“This is a bad idea, Axe.”
He gave her a squeeze. “Like hell it is.”
She pushed back from him, concern momentarily overriding her body’s desire for more kisses. “I have a rule about mixing business and pleasure.”
“I promise never to kiss you in that contraption you call a car.” His hands slid up her back, caressing in tiny circles.
“Axe…” her voice trailed off as he nuzzled her neck. His mouth set her skin on fire as he swept it over her collarbone, whiskers leaving a trail of heat in their wake.
“We’re not in your car,” he murmured into her neck, sending another cascade of sizzles straight to her pussy.
“I… You know what I mean,” she panted, knees wobbling.
He lifted his head, a fierce light in his eyes. “I’m done playing by other people’s rules, Coop.”
Her breath caught in her throat. So. Damned. Sexy.

Other Books in the Series:

Prairie Heat

Prairie Passion

Prairie Desire
Author Bio:
Tessa Layne writes smokin’ hot contemporary cowboy romances. She was born in the heart of the Flint Hills and grew up in Colorado in the mountains at the edge of the Great Plains. There, she met her own smokin’ hot Cowboy and had a whirlwind romance to rival any novel. She believes in Happily Ever Afters, loves fireflies, horses, and breathing clean country air. When she’s not writing about sassy heroines and the tenderhearted tough guys who fall head over heels for them, her favorite thing to do is to sit on the porch swing with a glass of Rose, listening to Mr. Cowboy pluck his guitar!

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Blitz: Princesses of the Sea by M.L. Guida

Princesses of the Sea
by M.L. Guida


Three magical sisters who have the power to capture the love of three vampire pirates.

A Pirate’s Obsession:
Losing his hand to a demon means Ronan Macmillian is desperate. He’ll do anything to avoid being a cripple, even sacrifice to the same demon an innocent, beautiful undine.
Angelica knows Ronan is her mate and is determined to show him he’s a warrior, even if he’s maimed. She must forsake the sea life she’s always known, and stay out of the clutches of a clever demon, to win the pirate she loves.
But when Ronan meets the beautiful Angelica, restoring his hand and handing over the undine becomes complicated. If he fails to obey, the demon promises he’ll make him a monster and not even the crew of the Soaring Phoenix will be safe.
Will Ronan betray his honor and his heart and deliver Angelica over to the demon? Or will true love prevail and win Ronan her life?

A Pirate’s Bane:
Imprisoned. Hated. Desperate. Water Elemental Isabella is a prisoner on board the dreaded Fiery Damsel pirate ship. Her choice is mate with pirate Leif Black or die. A demon wants their unborn child to complete a deadly spell. Leif is her chosen mate, and she must use all of her power to resist him for their sake and their unborn child.
Leif Black has problems of his own. He has kept his sisters hidden from the crew of the Fiery Damsel and never told them that he is a vampire. Love is the last thing on his mind. But the determined demon is one step head of him and curses him. He’s now possessed by a dragon spirit, and he’s unable to control his powers, especially his lust for Isabella. Her sweet song awakens something inside him that he’d long forgotten.
Isabella and Leif fight to deny their forbidden love, but destiny won’t be defied. When the lust proves to be too strong, they must work together to protect their child and trust each other to defeat the evil demon.

A Pirate’s Darkness:
Destined to be queen of the undines, Penelope must master her winter powers and remain pure. But time is running out. A time spider is hunting her. To save her people, she must flee. If caught, the beast will bite her and drag her back to a demon’s island. Then, the demon will feast on her blood, allowing him to the escape the island and kill all those she loves.
Her only hope is to trust Ewan Kelley, the grim gun master of the Soaring Phoenix.
Ewan wants no part of this and is still mourning the loss of his beloved woman and guarding his blind daughter from the demon. But an archangel reveals that the demon knows where she is and plans to kidnap her. To keep her safe, he must save a woman he barely knows. In return, the archangel promises to give sight to his little girl.

Their attraction for each other proves to be too strong, and soon they learn that their forbidden love will not be denied. Only by working together can they defeat the forces of evil.



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~ A Pirate’s Obsession:

April 1671
Soaring Phoenix

Ronan Macmillan leaned against the bulkhead, detesting the tied bandages on his stubbed wrist. Sometimes he swore he could feel his absent fingers and hand move. Hell, his palm even itched. Doc said it was phantom pains, an illusion—his mind hadn’t accepted that his right hand was gone.
Visions of the horrific island battle with the demon Zuto flashed through his mind. He couldn’t shake them. Zuto slicing off his hand. The grotesque spider. And his promise…oh his promise…
He hated that damnable demon and his blasted curses. Because of him, the crew turned into vampires during every full moon. If they didn’t feed, the thirst nearly drove them mad.
But now the demon had a new trick—one Ronan couldn’t refuse.
All he had to do was to find an undine, a water elemental, then hand her over to Zuto. How bad could it be? It’s not like the undine was human. The demon needed her blood, then he’d promised to restore Ronan’s hand. He could be a warrior again.

~ A Pirate’s Bane:

The terror was like tangling seaweed, strangling her. After witnessing the shocking horror on Zuto’s land, Isabella thought she could never be truly frightened again, yet there were times her beating heart thundered so violently, she worried it would burst. The slimy, wooden walls of her damp cell shrunk around her, closing in on her, cutting off the thin and sour air. She panted to ease the pressure squeezing her lungs.
And there were smells…
She wrinkled her nose at the stench of human excrement, wondering what the fate had been for those poor souls. Would hers fare any better? Not even the tiniest breeze eased the reek of rotting and dried gore that permeated the chamber, leaving a thin film on her split lips. She rubbed her mouth on her arm and winced, tears of frustration welling in her eyes.
Heavy footsteps creaked down the stairs. Isabella’s stomach tightened.
Quinton Palmer, Captain of the Fiery Damsel, walked into the brig, having to duck under the doorway. He was a brute of a man, but it was his watering left eye that sent fear running through her veins. “Good evenin’, Isabella.” He carried a tray of food that turned her stomach. “I brought you dinner.” His smirking tone spurred her hate.
There was a bowl of slop and a piece of moldy bread—not even fit for a hungry shark.
He sat the tray down, then opened her cell.
Despite her gnawing hunger, she met his hard stare. “I refuse to eat that.” She flicked her hand. “Take it away.”
He rushed over to her and snatched her arm, pulling her close. He was more than a head taller and seventy times stronger. He lifted her off the floor, her feet dangling. His thick red beard flickered over her chin, making her shiver, and his red eyes chilled her blood.

~ A Pirate’s Darkness:

June 1671
Isle of Tortuga

The angry flames grew hotter and higher, casting eerie shadows in the witch’s parlor. A glistening of sweat slipped down the temples of Penelope’s face. She squirmed in a wooden chair, winding her shaking hands into the folds of her dress.
“Morgana, why are we calling upon the demon Natasa?”
Penelope had never met a demon, and the stories of the black-hearted demoness made her want to jump out of the chair and race out of the room. After her mother died, her father had told her that she was the key in protecting her people as long as she remained pure. Before she left to care for Angelica during her pregnancy, he had called her to his private chambers. His words echoed in his head.
“Penelope, your power is growing, and it will be strong enough to protect your people from the humans and the demons that hunt them––as long as you do not taint your soul.”
Unfortunately, meeting with a demon would mean breaking the rule.
Morgana Fey opened an earthen jar with her gnarled hand and released the sweet smell of mint. “I told you, mon chère, because of my dreams. My dreams are never wrong.” Her scratchy voice was strong and sent icy chills down Penelope’s back.

M.L. Guida writes dark paranormal romance, delving into worlds of demons, vampires, and angels. She has three series: Legends of the Soaring Phoenix, Angels of Death, and Vampires on Holiday. Her characters battle evil forces and face their worst nightmares before they can become triumphant. She is obsessed with the supernatural ever since she was a little girl and fell in love with the original Dark Shadows series. Now, she loves to watch A Haunting, Supernatural, Ghost Adventures, and Dead Files.  
When not writing or watching her favorite spooky series, M.L. Guida loves to walk her cocker spaniel, Sadie, ski or scuba dive.
She is a member of Colorado Romance Writers and a member of Romance Writers of America. You can find more information about M.L. Guida and any new upcoming releases at and her blog is


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Blitz: Once Upon A by Charlotte E. Hart

Once Upon A
By Charlotte E. Hart


Alana Williams is three published authors. She has been for years, but now she wants to add another voice to her whirlwind of deadlines and unachievable targets. Trouble is, she knows nothing of her latest literary undertaking – KINK.


It began as research. Just research. The technical approach. One that delivers the content necessary for a hidden culture to seem plausible, even if it’s not. Readers expect perfection from me. They want the experience. They need to be taken on a journey. That’s my job as a writer.
Blaine Jacobs is his name. He’s my research. A man who seems as logical and focused as me. A man who agrees to help. A man who, regardless of his stature in the community, seems to offer a sense of realism to this strange section of society. And even if he does occasionally interrupt my data with dark brooding eyes and a questionably filthy mouth, what does it matter? It’s just research, isn’t it? It’s not real. None of this is. Nothing will come of it or change my mind.

So why am I confused?
I’m becoming lost.
Falling apart.

And Blaine Jacobs, no matter how calm he might have seemed at first, now appears to linger on the edges of sanity, pushing my boundaries with every whispered word.


There are so many stories. So many characters. And it’s become constant. It’s a hive of other people’s feelings, other people’s emotions inside me. Murder and mayhem. Sex, love and romance. Beaches and holidays, wishes and dreams. I can’t even remember my own dreams anymore. Maybe I never had any, or maybe they’ve been realized and I missed them while I was writing everyone else’s happily ever afters. I don’t know, but they’re not here anymore giving me a purpose to all this. It’s just a constant drive of forward momentum, barely giving me enough time to smell my own roses.
“I was asking about your sexy Dom pants.”
“What about him?”
“I’m not allowed to tell you that. You know the ethics behind research,” I reply incredulously, finally breaking through the throng of people out into the small square where we afternoon sprint write. “And he most definitely is not mine, Bree.”
In fact, I doubt men like Blaine Jacobs belong to anyone.

He made it feel that way with his hushed obscenities in my ear and his solid frame tugging me back into it. Blaine Jacobs, in those few minutes, made the abhorrent seem plausible. He made the vile seem enlightened, enjoyable even, and he did it with nothing but his satin like tone and his sense of ownership around me. He made the distasteful more believable than normality could ever be, with just his touch.

Charlotte is an erotic romance/suspense author living in the heart of the Shropshire countryside in Great Britain. She’s lived all across the United Kingdom due to her previous employment as an event manager, but finally settled in a small town that still reeks of old school England. Writing novels and poetry has now become a revolution for the soul, and she cherishes every second that she’s sitting at the laptop and tapping her way into a new character.
When not writing she enjoys socialising with close friends and travelling to all the major cities across the globe. Travel has always been a constant companion to reading throughout her life and only increases her thirst for stimulation.
With the release of The White Trilogy, and VDB Trilogy, she intends to spend the next year enjoying every element of being a published author and learning as much as she can.

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Blitz: The Possibility of Perfect By Brinda Berry

The Possibility of Perfect
By Brinda Berry

One hot night changed everything.
Life is simple…until it’s not. As owner of a successful bar in Nashville, I have everything a guy could want. Well, almost everything.
I don’t have her.
Josie Jensen. Bookstore entrepreneur, ice cream connoisseur. Smart. Funny. So off-limits I should get arrested for being near her.
In a moment of madness, I forget the golden rule: friends don’t sleep with friends. It’s the best and worst way to ruin a friendship.
Now we’ve moved from friends for life to baby on the way. My major mess-up? I once said I didn’t want a family. Ever. And that woman has a memory like a steel trap.
I only want to protect her from my baggage—things I can’t control.
What if being with me robs Josie of her chance for a perfect life?
There’s nine months between secrets and the truth.

Available on Amazon!

Other Books in the Series:

The Beauty of Lies 

The Fiction of Forever 

Fit for Love 

Her bottom lip trembles. “Oh, Dane. Why don’t you understand that you are special? I’ve waited so long for you to wake up and see me.”
“I do see you.”
She pushes lightly against my chest. “Why do you have to be such a jerk? I’m moving on. Do you hear me? Moving. On.”
She smashes her lips together and I know she’s going to cry.
And then I kiss her. Honestly, I’d do anything to make her stop.
Her initial response is as lukewarm as lake water in August. Her body stiffens and her hands push against my chest—but only for an instant. Then, she melts against me and her fingers curl around the lapel of my tux.
My lips press hard against hers. My hands are finally home on her sweet ass—and hell, she’s wearing a thong. I’m lost to my lust. Again.
I should know better. I shouldn’t be doing this. But putting my hands on her should prove how irresistible she is and it’s about all the logic I can muster.
She’s the one with the brains. Surely she can figure out that physical attraction isn’t the problem.
“It’s not you or you and me together. It’s just me that’s the problem.”
“What are you talking about?”
His shoulders grow rigid, and he doesn’t turn around. “I don’t ever want to get married or have a family. Ever. And you deserve more than waiting around for me. I’ve never had a relationship that lasted more than a month. I know what you want out of life. A husband, kids, the whole nine yards. You get stuck with me, and it’s not going to happen.”
“You’re sure you won’t ever want anything more?”
“Not me. I’m one-hundred percent positive about this. I’m happy with the way things are and I don’t want the same things as you. I can’t care for any woman more than I care for you, but it’s not enough. You deserve more.”
I’m still staring at the back of his head when I fight back the tears. “Ok. Thanks for confiding in me.”
“So you understand?” Dane turns back to me and tucks both hands into his jeans. A wry corner of his mouth jacks up and his eyes plead with me. “We’re cool?”
“Dane.” I take one more sip of tea and breathe through my nostrils. “I’m pregnant.”

Brinda Berry lives in the southern US with her family, where she surfs (the internet) too much, writes too much, and laughs too much. She’s fond of a lot of things, including but not limited to Kings of Leon, peanut butter cookies, flip flops, and good friends. Oh…and books. Of course, books.
She writes young adult fantasy and adult contemporary romance novels with strong females and swoonworthy males.
Follow all her novels on Bookbub at Sign up for her monthly newsletter for release announcements, contests, and special sneak previews for subscribers. .

Blitz: A Daring Desire By Jeanne St. James

A Daring Desire
By Jeanne St. James

The Dare Ménage Series, book 4
Take two defense attorneys, add one troubled NFL QB who needs them, and what do you get? Hot, sexy conflict.
Gryff Ward made a serious mistake when he hired the hot-as-hell defense attorney Rayne Jordan as an associate in his high-profile legal firm, even though she’s one of the best. Now he’s struggling to keep it professional, especially when she insists on calling him “Boss.”
Rayne’s been attracted to the firm’s top attorney ever since her interview. And she’s well aware that calling the conservative man “Boss” drives him crazy…in a very good way.
Add Trey Holloway, their newest client, a troubled NFL quarterback, into the mix. Tension arises when it’s clear that both Gryff and Trey want Rayne and Gryff is willing to fight for her. However, Trey doesn’t hide the fact that he wants Gryff too.
Now Gryff’s having a hard time fighting not only his attraction to Rayne but to another man. Even though he stubbornly refuses to admit his deepest, darkest desires.
Then Rayne takes control. She’s determined to have them both in not only her bed but her life, and she won’t give up until she does.
Note: This book in the series can be read as standalone. It includes an HEA ending. It is intended for audiences over 18 years of age since it includes explicit sexual scenes between all three characters.
Available on Amazon!


Excerpt 1:
Gryffin Ward’s dick was so hard he winced.
The newest associate at his law firm stood on the other side of his desk talking. Actually talking to him.
And he had no clue what she was even saying.
As he watched her lips move, he regretted hiring her. Even though she came highly recommended.
Rayne’s stats were so good he would’ve been a fool not to. The more cases his practice won, the more clients they attracted. The more clients they drew, the larger his firm grew. Which meant—
Oh fuck. Who cared what it meant. Right now, he desperately needed to adjust himself because his erection was caught in his pants in a painful position.
“So, what do you think, Boss?”
Holy fuck with that “Boss” shit again.
She needed to start dressing like a nun and stop calling him that. Otherwise, he would have permanent blue balls.
What did he think? He didn’t. All the blood in his brain had rushed to his dick, so he had no valid thoughts.
“You don’t have to call me boss. In fact, please don’t.”
“I know I don’t.” With a smile, Rayne leaned over and tapped him under the chin before spinning on the heel of her fuck-me pumps and heading toward the door. “But I like it,” she threw over her shoulder.
Me too.
He took one last glance at her tight skirt with the slit in the back, the one that hugged her luscious ass, and those stockings she wore with the line up the back of her legs, before she disappeared, leaving his office door open.
Gryff closed his eyes and blew out a breath.
No wonder she won most of her cases. The judge’s and the ADA’s brains were probably mush after watching her pace the courtroom cross-examining witnesses on the stand.
No matter what, she was highly respected for being a great defense attorney.
But he should fire her. He didn’t dip his pen in the company ink and he wasn’t going to start now. Even though she sorely tempted him.
He was a wretch. That’s what he was.

Excerpt 2:
He studied the man standing in the middle of his office. His blue eyes looked lighter due to his dark tan. His dirty blond hair, streaked with highlights, whether fake or real, almost reached his shoulders. Scruff covered his jaw. The man was definitely built like a quarterback and not a linebacker. He wore a white button down shirt that emphasized his coloring with the sleeves rolled up past his elbows and tucked into well-fitting jeans. Well-worn pointed cowboy boots covered feet that could move him downfield quickly when necessary.
“Like what you see?”
Gryff leveled his gaze at him. “I don’t do men.”
“Do they do you?”
Gryff pursed his lips and wondered if he should administer Trey’s next ass whipping. Though, like the last time, it probably wouldn’t do any good. He shook his head. “I don’t swing that way.”
“Never say never. Your brother does. Maybe it’s in the genes.”
Gryff’s fingers clenched the arms of his office chair. So much for polite introductions. “You fuck a lot of men, Trey?”
Trey quickly hid his surprise at the unexpected question. It was there one second and then gone the next, covered by the wide smile he plastered across his face. “You mean over my lifetime or in one night?”
Trey was trying to shock him, get a rise out of him. But two could play at that game.
“How many men have you had in one night?”
Trey lifted his hands up and spread his fingers. “I don’t have enough fingers to count.”
“If needed, you can use your toes too.”

Excerpt 3:
Trey knew this might be a bad idea.
A really bad one.
But he figured it could be worth the risk. Though last time he was in a bar thinking he would get lucky, he got arrested and then suspended from the team instead.
And now he was down five hundred grand.
Five. Hundred. Fucking. Grand.
But he figured he had two good reasons to cough up that much scratch. One, his career might come to a screeching halt if he didn’t, and two, he needed to hire the best to represent him, who, with any luck, would get his charges dismissed instead of going through a lengthy legal process. Because if they weren’t, it would delay him getting back on the team. And a loss of possibly getting a Super Bowl ring.
And he fucking wanted that ring. He could taste it.
Grae Ward said his brother was the best. However, Trey didn’t fork out those ridiculous funds simply because of Gryff and Rayne’s reputation. Though once he met both of them he knew he wanted no one else.
And he wasn’t just talking representation in a court of law. He was talking about his bed. Though he couldn’t figure out who he wanted more. The hot male attorney with an ass that wouldn’t quit. Or the hot female attorney with an ass that wouldn’t quit.
So, what the hell, why not both? Right?
Right. Though Gryff probably wouldn’t cooperate with his little plan, even though the man got turned on when Trey “flirted” with him. That reaction left Trey with no doubt that Gryff wasn’t completely against the idea of being with another man. Whether that stubborn guy wanted to admit it or not.
Yeah, there was no mistaking the hard-on Gryff got when he pinned Trey against the wall.
But now as he sat at the bar surrounded by stale smoke and after-work drinking habits, he questioned his idea of tricking Gryff here to the bar.

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JEANNE ST. JAMES is a Best-Selling erotic romance author who loves an Alpha male (or two). She was only thirteen when she started writing since it gave her an escape from teenage angst! Her first paid published piece was an erotic story in Playgirl magazine. Her first erotic romance novel, Banged Up, was published in 2009. She is happily owned by farting French bulldogs. She writes M/F, M/M, and M/M/F ménages.

She has a few new releases coming up in 2017. So keep an eye on her website at or sign up for her newsletter:


Blitz: Sea of Seduction By Jennifer Evans

Sea of Seduction
By Jennifer Evans


Sea of Seduction: A Single Dad Sports Romance

She bet on passion. He’ll wager it all for a big wave. Will love ever be in the cards?

Dominick Cortes is determined to start over. After getting kicked off the pro surfing circuit, opening a psychic business may be his best shot at a stable home. After all, it’s what his twelve-year-old daughter deserves…

When gorgeous local businesswoman Coco Bennett stops in for a tarot reading, their attraction is otherworldly. Even Dominick’s daughter takes notice and decides to play matchmaker. But Coco needs no persuading. She has a bet going that she can bed the hunky surfer before the final tarot cards are drawn on their fifth appointment…

As the sure bet begins to unravel, Dominick and Coco discover that love is as unpredictable as a rushing wave. To make their relationship survive, they’ll have to ride out the storm… together.

Sea of Seduction is a sun-drenched surfer romance in the Pleasure Point series. If you like red-hot sex scenes, tumultuous wipeouts, and clairvoyant connections, then you’ll love Jennifer Evans’ steamy surfing tale.

Buy Sea of Seduction to dive into the sizzling story today!

Sea of Seduction is a full-length Romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger!
Available on Amazon!
US –

Snippet #1:

As we walked to his truck, I was hyperaware of Dominick’s masculinity. I glanced surreptitiously at his bare torso; it was golden from hours in the sun and he had the sexiest, rock-hard, six-pack abs. His broad chest rippled under the morning sun, the muscles taut and rugged. His narrow waist led down to a perfect V that disappeared underneath his wetsuit. I sucked in my breath.
   When we reached the parking lot, Dominick shoved his board into the bed of the truck.
  Five surfboards sat in the back of his rig. “You sure you’ve got enough surfboards?”
   He ran masculine fingers along one of the boards. “This is my longboard for the smaller stuff.” His hand stroked another. “This is for fast waves.” He broke into a huge grin when his hand ran the length of a third. “And this baby is my big wave gun.”
   I stared at the long, pointy red surfboard. “Big waves? You mean like the one in the photo on your wall?”
   He threw his head back, and a cascade of seawater flew through the air. “Nah. That was at a sexy reef in Tahiti.” He gazed at me with those intoxicating green eyes and grinned. “I think of that place as sexy.” He winked. “This baby is meant for the big stuff.”

Snippet #2

Dominick slowly raised my hands to his lips and kissed them. His passionate gaze wouldn’t leave mine as his mouth made a leisurely journey of each finger kissing each one in turn. Heat crept up my neck, spread to my face and chills pricked my scalp. His mouth was hot, wet and arousing. It moved to the sensitive skin on the top of my hand where he kissed longingly, his mouth lingering, his full lips parted, his hot breath warming my skin. His voice was a murmur. “You’re beautiful.”
Holy moly, Dominick was kissing my hand. This certainly was a turn of events. Here I’d been the one putting on the heavy flirtation, and now that the tables had turned, I didn’t know what to make of it. Dominick had started out as a mark, and now I was ashamed.
God, I wanted him. I wanted him as a friend, a lover, a husband. I forced all thoughts of Rhys and the wager out of my brain. My body slightly tensed and I forced myself to relax.
Dominick liked me, he did. My heart skipped in a happy dance. I gazed into his hypnotic green eyes wanting to lean over and kiss his full lips.

Snippet #3

We stared at each other. The sun was just getting ready to set, the stars already aglow in the expanse of the sky above. The ocean waves crashed on the shore below, and I suddenly became aware of Dominick’s breath, slow and steady, in and out, his muscular chest heaving. The look in his eyes was raw, needy and hotter than hell.
   He reached down and stroked my face with his slightly calloused hand. “You’re so beautiful.” Then, he reached around and placed his hand firmly on the back of my neck and pulled me up hard into his kiss.
   I sank into his strong arms, as my knees buckled, my legs wobbly. His hand on the back of my neck became less of a grip and more of a gentle caress, his thumb moving slowly across the sensitive skin of my neck. I reached up and ran my hands through his tangle of dark hair, my fingers curling into his locks, pulling his mouth toward mine. He tasted delicious, like seawater. He pulled gently on my hair, his hand tightening on the back of my head.
   I pressed my breasts into his chest and felt the thrumming of his heart. My juices dripped against my panties as his hands roamed down my back and he cupped my ass roughly. He broke our kiss and whispered in my ear. “Do you know how long I’ve wanted to feel your sexy ass? How long I’ve wanted to kiss you?”

Author Bio:
Jennifer loves writing about chiseled surfers with rock hard bodies that will have you begging for more.

One more thing about her. Yes, she does surf!

She has a blast writing stories from Laguna Beach where she lives with her husband and their kitty, Snow White. She loves surfing, hiking, hot yoga and a great cup of coffee.

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Blitz: Girl Departs Three (Part 2) by Suzie T. Roos

Girl Departs Three (Part 2)
by Suzie T. Roos

Youth is fleeting…

Pregnant at 18, Tatum has no choice but to grow up. She keeps the identity of her baby’s father secret while Zach is in Italy, but in his absence, their relationship becomes even more unstable . . . especially when Tatum finds out Zach’s ex-fiancée is also pregnant with his child.

Does Tatum have anyone to turn to? Nigel? Yes, he’s always been there for her but can they forgive each other and move on?

As Tatum and Nigel work to rebuild their friendship, outside threats pose danger for both Tatum and her child. Zach may have the power to protect her, but does he have the heart to be the man she’ll need?

Love might have been in front of her all along… but this time her choice will affect her baby too.

Whom will Tatum finally choose?

Choices last a moment. Consequences last a lifetime.

Available on Amazon!
“My grandma left me money for school, Zach. The inheritance has to go for college, or I lose every dime. I’ve always planned to go. Even though I can’t take a baby and go away to a university like some of my friends, I wanna go somewhere. Community college. Something. A trade.” I wasn’t going to tell him I wanted an education because I never wanted to count on anyone, let alone a man, to support me. And I wasn’t alone anymore. I had a child to consider.

I sniffed a disgusting amount of snot and then dug in my purse for another tissue.
“Calm down. I know, easier said than done. But you need to think of your child.”
Diane’s comments confirmed my biggest fears— being connected to the Mob had my life, and my child’s, in jeopardy.

Suzie T. Roos is from, and has settled in, St. Louis with her husband, two children and a number of foster pets at any given time. As of 2016, she has a son-in-law.
Suzie and her husband have lived everywhere from Philadelphia, PA to out West in Santa Monica, Ca. They’re thankful they could expose their children to different American lifestyles and cultures.
Besides writing, Suzie’s hobbies include movies, traveling, and especially concert going with her husband and friends.
She’s always been an animal lover and animal rights advocate. She is certified by FEMA in IS-00011.a Animal in Disasters:  Community Planning. She’s also an active volunteer at the Humane Society of Missouri.


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Blitz: City Boy by A.E. Wasp

City Boy – Hot Off The Ice 1

By A.E. Wasp


Follow the money or follow your heart?

All Bryce Lowery knows how to do is play hockey. He’s been playing professionally since he was fifteen. Twenty years later, he’s rich, famous, tired, and alone. And possibly gay according to his ex-wife.

When a blown tire leads directly to mind-blowing sex with a motorcycle-riding white knight named Dakota, Bryce discovers he is most definitely gay. When his white knight turns out to be the manager of the apple orchard he inherited from some distant relative, he discovers that everything he thought he knew about himself was wrong.

Now Bryce has a tough choice to make, follow the money to a new multimillion dollar contract, or follow his heart into the unknown?

All Dakota Ryan knows how to do is grow apples. Now at twenty-four, he faces losing both his home and his livelihood in one cruel twist of fate.

Then Bryce Lowery crashes into his life like the answer to all Dakota’s prayers. Not only does the gorgeous, older professional athlete have the money to save the orchard, but he’s whispering promises to make all of Dakota’s wildest dreams come true. But Dakota knows better than to give his heart to someone who could leave, and if life has taught him anything, it’s that everyone leaves.

Dakota has a choice, sit back and wait for Bryce to decide his fate, or for the first time in his life, chose what he wants his future to be?

City Boy is a first time gay, fish out of water, May/December love story with a HEA.

Buy on Amazon!

Snippet #1
Dakota sighed, head dropping down onto Bryce’s chest. “So, how was it for you?” He tilted his head up so he could see Bryce’s face. From this angle, his beard looked fluffy, and Dakota had the urge to scratch him under his chin like a big cat.
He could see Bryce searching for the right words, so he didn’t push. The silence stretched comfortably. Seemed like neither of them was in a hurry to leave this unexpected sanctuary and get back to the real world.
“Well, it’s funny,” Bryce said, running his fingers through Dakota’s hair and cupping the back of Dakota’s head in the palm of his hand. “I’ve never liked this after part before with women. I did it because it’s the right thing to do, but I would always make an excuse to get up as soon as possible. But I really want to keep touching you.”
“And that’s good?” Dakota asked.
Bryce smiled down at him, laugh lines crinkling at the edge of his dark brown eyes. “I always wanted it to feel like this.”
Dakota’s heart thudded in his chest. The way Bryce had Dakota tucked up against him felt really good. Scarily good. A part of Dakota’s mind beat its terrified wings against his skull, telling him to get up and leave now. How did this happen? Dakota had a hard time letting his friends get close to him. He certainly didn’t cuddle with strangers.
Dakota had worried that Bryce would somehow imprint on him. Now Dakota wasn’t sure he wanted to let the man go. Not only was Bryce smoking hot, but he was also sweet, considerate, and kind. And, Dakota suspected, had the potential to be fantastic in bed.

What did Dakota see in Bryce’s eyes? His brows lowered as he seemed to be searching for something. Bryce tried to open up and let his emotions show in his eyes, hoping that one of the was what Dakota needed.
Who had he become in these too-short weeks?
This moment seemed separate from any that come before in Bryce’s life. His universe had narrowed to a rundown VW bus at the backend of an orchard in the shadow of the Rocky Mountain where he sat poised on the edge of understanding something he had no name for.
The energy between them built, the lights and the heady smell of the incense swirling around the air. A slight buzz from the brownie made every movement syrupy-slow and fanned Bryce’s desire.
Somewhere inside Bryce, a damn broke. Everything he had ever wanted to feel, everything he had held back or assumed he lacked, crashed over him, and, with a small ooh he closed his eyes, breaking the connection.
Dakota surged forward, pulling Bryce’s shirt off as he lowered him gently to the mattress. Somehow despite being unwilling to stop kissing each other, they managed to get undressed.

“I’ve never seen the ocean.” Dakota said his voice flat. “I’ve never been anywhere.”
Bryce scratched his fingers through Dakota curls, pulling them and letting them bounce back. “I’ve been to so many amazing places.”
“Yeah. I know.” Dakota yanked his head away with frown.
Bryce didn’t let him go, pulling him back against his side. “No, let me finish. All these places were amazing, but I was always kind of sad. I’ve never been with somebody I—someone who is special to me.”
“What about with Nikki?”
“Except for our honeymoon, I never went anyplace romantic alone with Nikki,” he confessed. “Even the honeymoon was awkward.”
Dakota turned on his side and slid his leg over Bryce’s leg. “How? Were you a virgin?” Dakota asked lightly.
Bryce brushed off the joking tone in his voice and answered seriously. “No. Worse. All the things that were supposed to be romantic? I just wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t feel lost in her eyes in the candlelight or anything. I didn’t want to spend hours in bed.”
He ran his hand up and down Dakota’s arm, enjoying the soft tickle of his hair and the firmness of the muscle. “I convinced myself that nobody felt that way; that everyone was faking it because that’s how we were told it’s supposed to feel when you’re in love.”
“And now?” Dakota tensed in his arms.
Bryce pushed up and rolled until he hovered over Dakota, looking him right in his eyes. Dakota was going to listen to him whether he wanted to or not.
“Now, I want to take you down to Mexico, get a cabana on a private beach, one with a giant bed and an outdoor shower. The I’d drag you inside and not come out for two weeks. I want people to bring us coconuts and fresh fish and tequila and leave it at our door.”
Dakota stared back at him, hands on Bryce’s hips. His fingers adding more bruises to the marks he’d already left on Bryce’s skin. “You could do that, couldn’t you?”
“In a heartbeat.” And he wanted to, so badly. Badly enough to give up hockey? If he only had himself to worry about? In a heartbeat.

Author Bio:
After time spent raising children, earning several college degrees, and traveling the world with the U.S. State Department, she is returning to her first love – writing.
A dreamer and an idealist, Amy writes about people finding connection in a world that can seem lonely and magic in a world that can seem all too mundane. She invites readers into her characters’ lives and worlds when they are their most vulnerable, their most human, living with the same hopes and fears we all have. An avid traveler who has lived in big cities and small towns in four different continents, Amy has found that time and distance are no barriers to love. She invites her readers to reach out and share how her characters have touched their lives or how the found families they have gathered around them have shaped their worlds.
Born on Long Island, NY, Amy has lived in Los Angeles, London, and Bangkok. She currently lives in Colorado in a town suspiciously like the ones in her books.

Social Media:

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