Sunday Series Spotlight: Black Dagger MC by M.D. Stewart


With a corrupt cop and an escaped killer hunting them, can Rogue do the impossible and save Stevie?
Stevie Anderson barely eluded death when deranged serial killer, Paul Turner, murdered her entire family before setting their house on fire. While in protective custody, she’s hidden where the killer would least suspect — the home of a biker in the Black Dagger Motorcycle Club.
Mac “Rogue” Steele resisted his twin’s suggestion to hide a federal protection witness in his home; until he gets to know the shy but charming woman. With a bruised heart, scarred body, and beautiful soul, it doesn’t take long for Stevie to claim his cynical heart.
After her family’s killer contacts Stevie from his prison cell, Rogue takes her on the run through the hills and hollows of southern West Virginia. Relying on the help of his MC, Rogue desperately searches for a way to keep Stevie alive.
The characters in the Black Dagger MC world appear in each book. Because of the timeline of the series, you’ll get a broader understanding of the characters and events if you read the books in order. The characters in Her Three Bears also appear in Rogue.


Someone made the deadly mistake of abducting Dodge’s son.
When Dodge’s Old Lady suddenly wants out, and his brother goes to prison for murder, all Dodge has left is the Black Dagger MC. Abandoning the club that gave him acceptance and safety is simply out of the question. Six years later, his old childhood sweetheart, Kira, returns with a surprise — their son. What should be a happy reunion is cut short when the boy goes missing.
Kira once found club life thrilling, but as a nurse, she saw first-hand how quickly things get bloody. After becoming pregnant, she left town and made a clean break from everyone. But the freedom for her son only lasts until a tragedy befalls them and she must return to Charleston.
Now Kira’s only chance at happiness is to confess everything she hid from Dodge. With his help, they might be able to rescue their son. But with both of their lives shattered by Henry’s abduction, can they learn to forgive one another and finally become the family they were meant to be years ago?
Standing with their brother, the Black Dagger MC rides together to find the child and make the abductors pay.
Dodge is the second book in the Black Daggers MC series, featuring a second chance romance with a childhood sweetheart, an accidental pregnancy, and a happy ever after that proves a little danger is always worth the trouble.
Please read the trigger warnings before purchasing this book.
The characters in the Black Dagger MC world appear in each book. Because of the timeline of the series, you’ll get a broader understanding of the characters and events if you read the books in order.


Five years after a one-night stand, Grammy winner Mercy strolls back into Buc’s life but will he have to give her up to save her life?
Buchannon “Buc” Gunderson is blood to one founder of the Black Dagger MC. To make sure he earns his patch, he prospects far away in Oklahoma. While traveling from the Sturgis Bike Rally, he meets Mercy Jennings, an up-and-coming rock star.
Mercy has been running from a traumatic past, but she can’t outrun her painful memories. After a night of passion with a sexy biker, she finds the open acceptance she’s always craved. Then she walks away.
Years later, they reunite when they both return home to Charleston, West Virginia. Just as they start to rebuild their relationship, danger threatens Mercy. Will she find the strength to fight for her life, or will she give in to the pain in her soul and give up?
Buc is a dark-themed third book of the Black Dagger MC series featuring the reunion of a hot one-night stand, a man who loves as hard as he rides, a strong survivor, and a guaranteed happily ever after with no cheating.
The characters in the Black Dagger MC world appear in each book. Because of the timeline of the series, you’ll get a broader understanding of the characters and events if you read the books in order.


Sometimes, if a man thinks he’s going to lose something, he’ll realize how badly he wants it.

Campbell “Camp” Barlowe was a street kid raised by one founder of the Black Daggers. He’s now the forty-two-year-old silver fox president of that MC and a firefighter for the city of Charleston. When he’s called to a house fire, he rescues a woman held prisoner in the basement. With nowhere safe to go, Camp hides Rachel in his home. He finds himself fighting his attraction to the girl who fits in his life like a glove but is fifteen years his junior.

Rachel Torrance is no innocent kid. She’s quickly approaching thirty and has seen her share of violence. Her older brother is an Enforcer for the Soulless Bastards MC. He also kidnapped and sold her to pay off his debts. As the only girl and middle child, she grew up tough and learned to fight to protect her younger brother, but no one taught her how to fight for a man who thinks he’s too old for her.

Camp is the fourth book in the Black Dagger MC series and contains a couple fighting an evil organization, and an age gap romance between a stubborn man and a strong woman who makes no bones about her desire to be his Old Lady.

All the characters in this series appear in each book. Due to the timeline of the series, some events in Camp began in Buc, Black Daggers MC 3. You’ll get a broader understanding of the complex characters and events of the MC if you read the series in order.

Meet M.D. Stewart...

I grew up in southern West Virginia, where I spent hours, drawing, watching television and reading. As a result, I combined my love of science fiction (unashamed Trekkie) and romance (thanks to mom’s Harlequin Romance Novels collection) to create my own Universe. I hope my books can transport you to faraway worlds where there’s always a happily ever after! Come visit my website at or visit my Facebook group, MD’s Magical Waiting Room, at If you like my stories, please tell your friends about them and leave a review, it helps new authors like me.