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Book Blitz! Breathe and Release by Katherine Hayton

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Elisabet wakes with amnesia. The care offered to her by a husband she doesn’t remember descends within weeks into aggression and violence.

Lillian lies hogtied in an underground cell. Forget about escape; unless she can manage the necessities of life she’ll be dead within days.

Kristen lost her house, her friends, and her confidence when her parents separated. Now her injured stepmother has moved back in. Has she lost her memory, or lost her mind?

Will the secrets hidden in Elisabet’s locked memory be enough to set them all free?

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Elisabet woke for the first time one morning. An odd occurrence given she was an adult woman; but while she knew that, she didn’t know much else.

She had no memories. There was a lot of knowledge in her head, untethered, but there were no memories to accompany it except for those she’d formed since waking.

They’d been uniformly bad.

Her head hurt. Her legs hurt. Her back ached, and she couldn’t rotate her right shoulder at all.

She insisted that the pretty blond nurse who was tending to her bring a mirror so she could waylay her first horrified thought, that she was old. She wasn’t, but that was the end of the good news.


He shot her a look and Kristen moved farther down the wall, away from him. Elisabet raised her eyebrows and studied the two of them. Kristen was scared of him, or nervous at any rate. Elisabet wondered if she should be nervous, too. There was no harm in being careful.

Kristen pulled her phone out and started playing with it.

‘You can’t use that in here,’ Graeme said. ‘It mucks up the machines.’

‘That’s a load of rubbish,’ she responded. ‘They only leave those signs up because they want to control their patients. Anyway, she’s not even hooked up to anything,’ she said, the disappointment clear in her voice.

‘She’s the cat’s mother,’ Elisabet chimed in as the old phrase entered her head.

They both stared at her. She had nothing more to add.

‘Take it outside if you’re going to use it,’ Graeme continued. ‘We don’t need to get kicked out; we just arrived.’

‘Whatever,’ Kristen said, but left the room.

Elisabet could hear her clomp down the hallway. The linoleum did nothing to disguise any sounds of movement. It was chosen for ease of cleaning, not for sound dilution.

‘So,’ Graeme said as he turned and stretched his legs out on the bed beside Elisabet. ‘Just the two of us.’

She didn’t know why that phrase should send a shiver of fear down her spine, but it did.


Lillian couldn’t see.

She tried to move her hands and feel her face; it felt like there was something obstructing it.

She couldn’t. Her arms were tied behind her back.

When Lillian made the connection she sat bolt upright. Her shoulders had a dull ache from where they were pulled unnaturally backwards. When she tried to lift one then the other the ache intensified.

‘Hello?’ She called out. Loud, but not so loud the neighbours would complain. ‘Hello, is anyone there?’

For a second she thought that maybe Greg had put her in this position. Once, a few years back, they’d talked about role-play and BDSM. They’d even talked about a threesome. When Lillian sobered up she’d put the kibosh on that quickly enough, but maybe her headache was from a hangover and she’d agreed to something a bit weird?



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Katherine Hayton is a 42 year old woman who works in insurance, doesn’t have children or pets, can’t drive, has lived in Christchurch her entire life, and currently resides two minutes’ walk from where she was born.

For some reason she’s developed a rich fantasy life. Enjoy.

Punctured, Bruised, and Barely Tattooed Book Blitz!

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Kory McCallister has had her eyes on tattoo artist Stone Bowman for quite some time—so long, in fact, that no other guy will do. Stone pushes every turn on button Kory has—he’s tattooed from head to toe; he’s hot; he’s funny and charming; and he’s also mysterious. So when Kory’s friends dare her to ask Stone out on a date, she can’t believe she actually finds the guts to do it.

More surprising? He takes her up on the offer.

She discovers that, while his past might not be quite as dark or mysterious as she’d imagined, it’s bigger than she’d expected, and it’s something she will need to contend with if she decides she wants to keep him around to color her life for good.

PBBT-heavy secrets

Excerpts from Punctured, Bruised, and Barely Tattooed

Excerpt #1

“Know what? Never mind. I thought you were better than that.” She turned on her heel and started walking down the street away from him.

Three…four…five. “Kory.” Yes. It had worked…well, at least she hoped so. She’d have to wait to hear what he had to say. Carefully, she turned around. She was several steps away from him. She made sure her face didn’t show sadness, fear, or anger. She hoped she had a look of annoyance, like he was an irritant at this point.

She let out a breath as though she didn’t have time to wait. Finally, she said, “Yeah?”

He walked toward her and she became aware of the sound his boots made on the sidewalk. Sure, she heard a couple of cars driving down the street, and she could hear noise from the bar she was almost standing in front of. She was becoming more and more aware of the heat bearing down on her shoulders like a weight, and it got worse the closer he got, because her breathing grew shallow.

He stood in front of her. Oh, fucking hell. His eyes were dark and her mouth started watering as his hands cupped her cheeks and he guided her chin upward until his lips touched hers.

Gone…the heat, the noise, even her goddamn heartbeat…until it started throbbing in her chest and her blood began swarming through her body, warming her back up from lifelessness. Stone’s tongue touched her lips and parted them before entering her mouth and, holy God, for the first time in a long time throughout her miserable existence, she felt alive. Overflowing with too much emotion, too much adrenaline and…

her fucking panties were wet

…hopes and dreams, unspoken and unknown, flowed through her like water.

Until the kiss was over. She opened her eyes, the breath gone from her lungs, and she searched his eyes. He’d done it. Why had he done it after fucking with her, blowing her off? Did he like messing with her mind?

But his eyes—they told her more than his words ever could. Jesus. What she felt then was heavy. Had he been screwing around with her head, when really he was just trying to deny something?

As she sucked in a breath, forcing it to the bottom of her lungs, she realized her hands had formed fists around the back of his t-shirt, as though she were clinging to him for dear life. No smile, no smirk. He said, “That what you wanted?”

PBBT teaser strong and survivedExcerpt #2

Stone grabbed her hand and they began walking toward the river where they would find the trail.

Kory had never been on the river walk before, so this was going to be a treat for her. She was aware of the cool air, of the sound of chirping crickets in the background and the roar of the river in the foreground, of seeing dark leaves rustling in the tall trees near the river. But she was most aware of Stone’s hand holding hers. His hand felt like something sure—it was strong and as confident feeling as he was. It was the hand of an artist, the one that had permanently drawn on her arm less than a week earlier, the same one that had held her face while he’d kissed her. This was a hand she thought she’d want to hold forever, because of the man attached to it.

When they got closer to the river, Kory noticed a gravelly path beside it, up and away from it but close. She imagined that if the river ever flooded, parts of the path would wash away, but most of it was far enough away that it seemed safe. Of course, a huge flood—one that had the potential to damage houses—would wreck it all. She didn’t remember the river ever flooding Winchester, and she’d lived there her whole life. Surely, it had flooded at some time. All rivers did.

The rushing noise created by the water sounded somewhat violent to her, but it felt peaceful at the same time. Maybe it was because the water here would always flow, whether someone was here or not. It would continue bringing water from wherever it came from high up in the mountains and keep going down until it joined with another river and then another, so this very water right here would eventually wind up in the Mississippi and then the Gulf of Mexico. The enormity of it humbled her, and she suddenly understood the draw of nature.

Stone must have sensed her feelings because he said, “Really cool, isn’t it?”


They continued walking along the path, taking their time, breathing in the air cooled even further by the rushing water, absorbing the secrets of the night. Suddenly, Kory thought Stone was a genius. This truly was the perfect date, and for the first time in a long time, she felt her soul grow quiet and full of awe.

He paused and Kory stopped beside him. They’d walked far enough that houses and highways were behind them. It was truly dark and solitary. “Look at the stars. They’re bright tonight.”

She looked up. She felt so silly, because she’d been so engrossed in the earth that she hadn’t even stopped to consider the sky above her. God, it was incredible and just contributed to her sense of overwhelming humility and wonder at what surrounded her. She breathed, “Amazing.”

“Yeah,” he agreed and touched her face. It was the perfect time for a kiss, really, because she wanted to share this feeling with someone else and needed to be distracted from the beauty of the moment, because she wasn’t sure how to handle it. She was brimming with emotion and needed to expend it.

She didn’t know if Stone was feeling the same way or if he could simply sense what had been brewing inside her, but their kiss was passionate. Hot. Unbelievably so. And Kory realized she’d never wanted anyone as badly as she did Stone in that moment. Her fingers were in his hair and he pressed her into him, his hands firm on her lower back. One kiss led to another and another and another, and suddenly the night didn’t feel so cool anymore…

Excerpt #3

Stone said, “Can I come in for a minute?”

She frowned at herself in the mirror. She still had residual makeup on—she wore her eyeliner so heavy that it would take lots of scrubbing to get it all off her eyes—but her face looked strange and naked. Still, she had nothing to hide.

Stone had amazed her. When she’d gotten up, he’d already had a workout (but she didn’t know if he had workout equipment or had just jogged around his property), shower, and said he’d worked on some drawings. She wondered if he did that every morning or if she’d simply made it impossible for him to sleep.

She supposed she should maybe feel weird around him now, but she didn’t. She only wondered what his huge fucking secret was…and then felt a little stupid, because she wasn’t ready to give up her own secrets anytime soon. “Yeah, sure.”

He took his time as if to give her a moment to collect herself, and the door pushed open slowly. She continued pulling the comb through her hair, though, and she didn’t have to force a smile when he came in.

What was that look on his face? She couldn’t read it. Surprise, maybe? He grinned. “You sure everything’s okay? You’ve been awfully quiet since breakfast.”

She couldn’t help the smirk. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you wanted me shouting to you from the shower.”

He laughed. “No, that’s not what I mean.”

She finished running the comb through her hair and pulled the few strands in its teeth out so she could throw them in the trashcan next to the toilet. “What do you mean?”

Stone Bowman at a loss for words. Yeah, he was. He shrugged and got closer to her. Shit. She knew it. She must look like a fucking teenager without the makeup. Yeah, that had to be why he was staring at her.

Or…not. He cupped her neck and rubbed his thumb on her cheek. “Did you know you are gorgeous? Why do you cake your makeup on like you do?”

“Cake it?”

“Yeah. You’re hiding the best parts of yourself.”

“Ha. Bullshit.”

“Not bullshit.” He leaned over and brushed her lips with his. She felt a buzz pulse through her body.

She took a deep breath. “You are distracting the shit out of me.”

That smirk. God, that would be infuriating if it wasn’t so goddamned sexy. “I am?”

Kory swallowed, unable to mask her emotions from him. She simply nodded her head. His eyes searched hers, almost unbelieving, and then he grinned and said, “Your first class is at nine?”

A small breath escaped her lips as she considered him. “Yeah.”

“That’s a little less than two hours from now. I can still get you there on time…with a latte in hand.” She laughed then. He was obsessed with getting her that damned coffee. But then he touched her neck with his lips and the laughter ceased as her nipples pebbled under the damp towel in anticipation. He looked at her then, placing a warm finger in the dip just under her neck and tracing it straight down till it hit the edge of the white towel, and he followed his finger with his eyes. “I still want to lick you till you come.” He raised his gaze slowly, drinking in every detail of her skin, up her chin, until he burned holes in her eyes with the intensity. “Do you feel like you could let me try?”

Author Bio

For years, Jade C. Jamison tried really hard to write what she thought was more “literary” fiction, but she found herself compelled to write what you read by her today—sometimes gritty, raw, realistic stories and other times humorous, light tales—but most of the stories she writes revolve around relationships and characters finding their way through life. While she doesn’t confine herself to just one genre, nor is there a nice neat label for what she writes, most of her work could be called erotic romance.

She lives in Colorado with her husband and four children.

Come Undone Book Blitz!

ComeUndoneBoxset copy

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Once upon a time in the 80s there was a band, whose members stole the hearts of many a young girl. With their guyliner, unique fashion and music that struck through the heart, Duran Duran changed how we hear and see music. Today nine hot romance authors bring you stories inspired by their music.

New Moon on Monday by Kim Carmichael
Though she wants to experience the world and write poems, Luna Morrow conforms rather than allow her creativity to soar. Pampered, passionate, fashion designer Owen “Blake” Blakeney finds his muse the moment he spots a gorgeous, alternative waitress at the Club New Moon. After a wanton tryst in the back room of the club, Luna disappears. With his sights set on finding Luna, he sets out on a quest, to locate his mystery girl, and convince her to walk in his fashion show, though he never expected her to walk into his heart.

Ordinary World by Solera Winters
After a chance encounter at a coffee shop, an accident leaves employment agent Tessa Toussaint in a coma, while techie Yancy Howard finds his dreams filled with this fascinating woman. As the clock ticks on Tessa’s condition, Yancy falls deeper for the woman in his dreams.

Hungry Like the Wolf by Louisa Bacio
Janie never imagined her deepest fantasies coming true. She’d been flirting with the hot DJ at an ’80s club, but taking the interaction to another level seemed impossible. Until she runs into Tyler, her high school boyfriend, on the dance floor, and he makes all the right moves.

Before the Rain by Kerry Adrienne
The war is over, but the rain continues, day and night. The rebel faction, Verity, enlists Maddox to safely guide assassin Allana, out of the city. No problem. He’ll escort her, get paid, and return to his life. But the more he learns about the mysterious and beautiful assassin, the more she intrigues him. With the world falling apart around them, they must decide if they can trust each other despite the deceptions they face. If they can’t, they’ll die.

Wild Boys by C. Margery Kempe
It’s the end of the world and Digger’s trapped in a prison with some very wild boys. He loves the charismatic Joey, but he’s too busy fighting to be leader to notice. What are the odds they’ll all kill one another before they can escape?

Love Voodoo by Alyssa Breck
After a chance tarot card reading in a New Orleans voodoo shop, vampire Luca is intrigued by Collette, an alluring woman with uncanny intuition. Getting intimately involved with a human is the last thing Luca has in mind, but Collette wins his trust and their friendship grows into something deeper. When Luca’s clan learns that he has asked Collette to perform a spell against his psychotic sire, a deadly chain of events unravels that will change their lives.

Union of the Snake by KC Burn
After his fellow human colonists were enslaved by the Hilruda, Zerek, smuggler extraordinaire, made pissing off the alien oppressors both a career and a calling. When Essian, a sexy clan leader of the planet’s third species, needs Zerek’s help to fulfill a prophecy, the temptation of taking down the Hilruda is too good to pass up. Falling for Essian is not part of the plan.

Girls on Film by Linnea Alexis
After years of trying to break into mainstream movies, adult film actress Sophie Greene lands a role in a major motion picture. But not everyone is celebrating her good fortune. Her lover, Greg Vega, wants her to quit films entirely. And when a stalker emerges and begins sabotaging her career move, things get downright dangerous.

Rio by Sabrina Sol
When workaholic CFO Chase Simon is forced to take a tropical vacation, he sure as hell doesn’t expect to enjoy it. But when he finds out that he’ll be spending the next seven days with Rio, a sexy celebrity dancer from his past, his doubts begin to fade. Will life in the real world ever be the same for Chase again after discovering paradise in Rio’s arms?

Playlist for Come Undone

NEW MOON ON MONDAY – Kim Carmichael

The passion takes place at the New Moon on Monday

ORDINARY WORLD – Solera Winters

A man dreams of an extraordinary love hoping his dreams can survive in an ordinary world.


Only music and passion can satisfy her hunger for the past.

BEFORE THE RAIN – Kerry Adrienne

Love wasn’t as complicated before the rain.

WILD BOYS – C. Margery Kempe

Even at the end of the world, no prison can hold these wild boys!

LOVE VOODOO – Alyssa Breck

Not even the immortal are immune to the voodoo of love.


Find redemption in the Union of the Snake.

GIRLS ON FILM – Linnea Alexis

Some people can’t tell the difference between real life and reel life.

RIO – Sabrina Sol

He never expected to find paradise in the arms of Rio.



New Moon on Monday by Kim Carmichael

She grabbed her bag and made her way toward the door.

A low laugh escaped his throat.

Though she willed herself to keep going, some unknown force within her caused her to stop right beside him. “Now you’re laughing at me?”

“Never.” He shook his head. “I was only admiring how delightfully small in stature you are without your heels.”

Delightful and her mixed as well as mayonnaise and red wine, or in her case a designer and a waitress. “Don’t you designer types like them long and lanky?”

“I believe a woman is meant to have curves. Clothes should caress the body, make the wearer feel as if they are being made love to. They should enhance what is already there, but they should never let anyone feel as if they don’t fit.” He leaned down to her ear. “Hear my words, always believe them…you are gorgeous.”

Maybe it was his cologne, or the way his breath brushed against her ear, or just the sheer fact every woman wanted to hear those words. Maybe she wanted to look at him one more time. Maybe it was something completely different, but she turned and his lips swept over hers.

His wasn’t the kiss of some creeper. A man who dug right in with all tongue and mouth and no build up. Rather, his was the kiss of someone who knew how to kiss, how to take things slowly, and let the act grow on its own.

Before she consciously realized it, she found herself responding. Her body heated and her moan vibrated through her. By the time he opened his mouth, she craved his taste and deepened the kiss on her own. As if thinking with one mind, the moment their tongues connected, they grabbed each other. He pulled her in tight against him, and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

She couldn’t remember the last time she had truly been kissed, kissed well and by someone who seemed to need the contact as much as she.

“Gorgeous.” He growled the word and tilted his head, giving her another kiss, this one hard and demanding. “Sexy.” He slid his lips down to her neck and cupped her breast in his hand. “Magnificent.” Once more he found her mouth.

Her body flooded with a need she’d suppressed for far too long. As he caressed her every curve, she took him in as well, running her hands down the muscles in his back and over his stomach. The man was built, the ideal combination of lean and strong.

A haze of lust clouded out her good sense, her mind, even reality. All that existed were the two of them, their hands, their mouths and the thrilling sensations igniting her body on fire. Acting on instinct, she grazed her palm over the massive bulge in the front of his expensive woolen pants and her mouth watered. If his kisses were any indication, he would be an extremely satisfying lover.


Ordinary World by Solera Winters

“Do you play as hard as you work?” She ran a hand along the desk.

“Sometimes, though I admit, work has taken first place for a while now.” Slow down, he reminded himself. He longed to tell her he wanted her to change that aspect of his life. Too soon. What happened to barnstorming the unknown? “Uh–”

“Me too, on the work, but I totally want to change that. Calling in today is a first step, maybe for both of us?” She kicked off her heels and moved toward the loveseat. Then in a similar action to what she used with Quark, she held her hand out and waited.

He liked to think he was smarter than the dog. At least he moved faster. Entwining his fingers in hers, he sank beside her and drew her toward him. Careful to embrace the moment, he didn’t crush her to him. He slid an arm around her shoulders and slipped a finger under her chin to position her mouth.

Her nostrils flared just the slightest, and he accepted the invitation. The kiss started soft. He caressed her lips with his, moving over them, tasting the chocolate mixed with coffee and the undertones of distinct flavors belonging only to Tessa. Her mouth opened and he deepened the kiss, exploring her with his tongue. He massaged her neck before letting his hand lower to her breasts. His destination strained toward him, begging for his touch. Her little whimpers urged him to continue.

Though they were still covered by her suit, he palmed her breasts, grazing over her nipples.

Without further urging, she unbuttoned the jacket and guided his hand to her breasts.

Coming up for breath, he leaned in to see the treasures she offered. Creamy skin peeked out from the wine colored bra. He pinched a nipple and then the other. The actions elicited a groan. Instead of using his particular talent for unhooking the bra with one hand, he nuzzled her neck, drawing little designs with his tongue over the place where her heartbeat pulsed.

Her breathing sped up, definitely a good sign. “Hm. Yancy?”

So filled with the sounds of her pleasure, he almost didn’t recognize his name. “Yes?” His murmur didn’t preclude his search for more of her fabulous responses.

“Where’s the bedroom?” The words came between shallow gasps for air.

Again, rather than asking for clarification, he chose to go with the flow. “We have time.” When she went to remove the rest of her clothing, he stilled her hand. “Let me. I want to ‘cherish your existence.'”

Passionate pair of young enamoured people

Hungry Like the Wolf by Louisa Bacio

The smooth vocals of the DJ segued from one song to the next. “Thanks all for coming out tonight,” he said, and the crowd roared. “And for those who really got the beat, I’m watching you.”

Talk about teen crushes. DJ Knife had been popular since way back when. He used to host some of the first video shows on TV. His blonde hair hung long, covering one eye, and his accent drew in the listeners. Now, he wore it cropped short and he was making even more of a revival. If the teen girls used to chase him down, Janie wouldn’t put it past the women recapturing their youth. Hell, she wouldn’t toss him out of bed.

Although the music was less loud in the VIP area, she caught the opening of the Go-Go’s, and she bounced her knee.

One drink and a little bit of chatting, and she’d relaxed. The seam of Tyler’s body to hers stitched tighter, Tyler inched his hand up her thigh, and she watched him without stopping the forward advancement. She shifted a bit, letting her legs open, and he brushed his fingertips across her panties.


Before the Rain by Kerry Adrienne

The pounding of boots on the wet pavement startled him and Maddox turned in time to see a squadron of Sentinels heading down the road, long gear and Lancers in hand.

Headed right toward them.

Tactically intelligent but emotionally brainless, the Confessor’s soldiers would shoot to kill, or worse, torture them. Maddox’s heart shrieked panic, but his brain went into overdrive. Think, man. Run?

“Maddox!” Allana yanked his jacket.

He turned to tell her to be quiet, but she wrapped her arms around his neck. Before he could take a breath to speak, she had pulled his head down and had her mouth pressed to his.

Raindrops slipped down his forehead and slid down his nose, but he kept his lips to hers. The tromp, tromp of boots passing behind lulled him and for a moment, he forgot the danger and relished the sweet sensation that was Allana’s kiss. With the bulky cloak draped over her, he couldn’t get a good grip on her back so he held the wet folds of fabric tight. She was the perfect height for him to bend his head and meet her mouth with his own. She put her hands on his face and kissed him softly, though he knew if he could feel her heartbeat, it would be racing as hard as his.

A dangerous kiss.

Suddenly, the sound of boots faded and only the rain remained.

“They’re gone.” Her eyes opened wide, a deep blue or maybe dusky purple in the dimly lit park. Raindrops settled on her lashes and she blinked them away. “Maddox?”

He shook his head. Back to business. “That was a smart diversion.” He winked.

She stared.

“We’ve got to get to the rain sewer before we run across more Sentinels. This way.” He smirked and strode off.

“They teach us how to handle anything,” she called from behind.

“Bet they do.”


Wild Boys by C. Margery Kempe

“Huh.” Joey shook his head. “How did you manage to get that close without them noticing you?”

Digger laughed a little, feeling foolish, but proud. “The vents.”

“Vents?” Joey looked down at him. His face looked so handsome in the twilight, as if the dying light captured something golden within him.

Digger swallowed. “The air vents. I’m small enough to fit in them, though I have to kind of wiggle backward to get back out again.”

Joey smiled, his white teeth shining in the growing darkness. “That’s really clever! What made you think of that?”

“Well, ah…” Digger was reluctant to say, but Joey seemed to guess anyway.

“It’s not the first time you’ve done that.”

“No, it’s not.”

“I wonder what things you’ve seen from up there.” He was still smiling, but his voice was so quiet he was almost whispering. “It’s fun to be a voyeur sometimes.”

Digger didn’t know what to say. He was even more surprised when Joey laid a large hand on his thigh and let it rest there. The warmth of his palm scorched Digger’s leg,

Love Voodoo by Alyssa Breck

Collette lit the cigarette and puffed hard.

“I didn’t know you smoked,” Luca said. “I can usually smell it on people.”

“I don’t really. I only smoke when I drink. And they’re cloves, so not like regular cigarettes.” She exhaled the smoke toward the sky. “They make your lips taste sweet.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes.” She leaned her back against the brick wall and licked her bottom lip. “Wanna taste?”

He smiled and raised an eyebrow. “Sure. Why not?”

She took another drag off the cigarette and, before she could blow it out, Luca moved in close, covered her mouth with his and inhaled. She let the smoke go and he breathed it in.

Luca let it come out through his nose, then licked her lip. “Mmm. Does taste sweet.” He gripped her hip with one hand and kissed her. “I bet that’s not all that tastes good.”


Union of the Snake by KC Burn

Zerek held up his hands in what he hoped was an unthreatening manner, but resolutely refused to step back. Last thing he wanted was to get bitten—Essian’s venom would undoubtedly be lethal—but he’d faced danger many times before. “Sorry. I just…don’t know how it works.”

With an agitated tongue flicker, Essian spun around and Zerek pursed his lips. He’d had a chance to check out a fully naked Essian from the front, and fear of Essian’s anger meant he’d missed it. Of all the mud sucking luck.

The creek burbled happily, while Zerek waited for Essian to say something.

“I am sorry too. I shouldn’t have gotten angry over an innocent question. I meant that my son doesn’t have the temperament or desire to lead. Forcing him into that role will only make everyone unhappy. Siblings, if they exist, often become part of the circle of clan leader’s advisors. Leadership does not always fall to the eldest.”

“Two kids, that’s a good number.” Like Zerek knew. In the encampments, more kids meant more hands to help with work, but meant more mouths to feed as well. He had no idea what a good number was for anyone, much less a clan leader.

“I have eight children. Another way in which I differed from my father. He was barely fertile.”

Aside from knowing Essian had a whole litter of kids and proved fertile, there was something odd about his words, but Zerek sensed pushing wouldn’t get him anything.

He also wanted to know if the mother of his children was a true mate he’d heard stories about. Like the prophecy and the seers, Zerek didn’t believe in the concept of a true mate, but he knew the Kadrussians did. Marriages and procreation happened in their absence, though, so Zerek assumed the concept was some sort of delusion on the part of love-sick people.

Imagining Essian with his true mate was like having hundreds of splinters in his skin, so he turned his thoughts toward the challenges of the following day while he finished washing. Tomorrow, they’d face the first place where Zerek’s skills would truly be useful.

Unlike Essian, he pulled on his underclothes while he was still damp. Past experience taught him they’d dry quickly enough, and he needed something to hide behind. Being naked with a man he desired, who didn’t desire him back, made him feel more vulnerable than anything else in his life.

Girls on Film by Linnea Alexis

Carrying the bottle of Chardonnay, he returned to the living room. Sophie stood in front of the sofa, facing him.

She held out her hand. “Dance with me.”

He set the bottle on the coffee table, pulled her into an embrace, and they swayed to the music. He closed his eyes and pressed his growing arousal against her, allowing the music to carry him away to the first time they made love. Their second anniversary was coming up. Since Sophie, he hadn’t touched another woman. Didn’t have to. Didn’t want to. Sophie was all he wanted, or needed.


“Hmmm,” he murmured, his face buried in her hair. When he inhaled her scent, he was home. “This is nice, isn’t it?”

“The best.” Her voice—husky, barely audible—only added fuel to his passion. Her gray eyes, dark with desire, nearly brought him to his knees. A low, rumbling sound came from deep inside his chest. Her lips parted slightly. He bracketed her face with his hands and plundered her mouth, taking what she offered.


Rio by Sabrina Sol

Of course she still wanted him.

That’s why she was always so on edge whenever he was around. Her pride wouldn’t let her show him that she still thought about their one night together. So she had done everything to make him believe the opposite.

She didn’t want to want him.

Yet when he stroked the inside of her wrist with his thumb and moved his face closer to hers, her resolve to push him away nearly evaporated.


“You said it yourself. We’re too different. We don’t work well together,” she whispered and met his gaze head on.

He pulled her against him fully, and she felt his growing arousal. “I was wrong. There’s one thing we both know that we do together pretty fucking well.”

Chase whispered the last few words against her mouth. When she didn’t protest, he pushed in for a kiss. Warm, soft, and tentative.

It was nice, but nothing she couldn’t walk away from. That is until his tongue swiped her bottom lip and jolted alive every sense, every nerve, making the rest of her resolve shatter in his arms. Sighing, she grabbed his shirt with both hands and kissed him back with fervor. His arms wrapped around her body, hugging her as if she might be carried away by the ocean breeze.

Their kisses turned hard and demanding, almost punishing. As if each of them had a price to pay for withholding such pleasure for so long.

“God, I almost forgot how good you taste. So fucking sweet, like cherry,” he mumbled in between kisses. “I want to taste you everywhere. Please tell me you’re going to let me?”

The thought of him licking her somewhere else made her legs weak in anticipation. “Yes, yes I’ll let you.”

Book Blitz! Rekindling the Flame by L.V. Lewis

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All Den of Sin books can be read as standalones.

Sabine Beaudelaire returns to her hometown of New Orleans to the bedside of her favorite uncle, Sebastian Beaudelaire, who’s been in a horrific accident and lies comatose at a local hospital. Estranged for six months from her fiancé of eight years, she still hopes for reconciliation. Enter a gorgeous man she affectionately dubs “Hot IT Guy”, whose sex appeal–and open season at her family’s secret sex lair–fills her head with thoughts of propositioning a man for the first time.

When it becomes apparent she’s lost the love of her life to a more accommodating woman poised to give him everything he desires, Sabine’s hopes are shattered. With career benchmarks looming, Sabine is fulfilled by her work but lacking a love to call her own, a situation which Hot IT Guy, aka Xander “Fish” Fishbourne is eager to remedy.

Is it by coincidence or by design that Xander, her protective older brother’s high school friend who once admired her from afar, becomes her guest at the Den of Sin? Who cares? Her dormant libido needs a serious kickstart since she and her fiancé called it quits. But will this weekend of sexual freedom rekindle an old flame, or will it further complicate her already complicated life?

Rekindling the Flame is a second chance romance bringing an alpha hero back together with a woman he wanted before any other, and a heroine whose dominating older brothers shielded her from every man’s advances. Now, it’s The Beaudelaire Big Easy Luau, a Den of Sin event where long held fantasies are made to be acted upon.

Excerpt, Chapter 3

“Xander?” she whispered. She looked into his placid face, beset with gorgeous luminous eyes.

“Are you okay?” he whispered back. His smile was full of invitation and happiness. And was that desire she saw there as well? Surely they’d shorted out all circuits during that intense experience, as he’d promised, but she felt the stirrings of renewed desire pinging between her thighs. So could he not feel the same?

Sabine leaned in and kissed him, tasting the seafood, a hint of garlic from the salad, and the crisp white wine they’d both consumed. Beneath that feeling was the undertone of something powerful. “You feel that?”

He nodded.

“That is why I couldn’t resist inviting you to participate in this weekend with me.”

“And that is exactly why I hoped you would,” he responded.

“Xander, in case we never get to do this again, let’s make this weekend worth it, okay?” Her voice grew husky as she finished saying it, and something twisted in her chest.

He kissed her gently, then took her hand and led her back to the bed. “Dessert can wait. Let’s get back to making this memorable weekend,” he said. Then he proceeded to do exactly that for her.

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Excerpt, Chapter 4

“It is kind of hot hearing you say it. Nicholas wouldn’t have been caught dead saying that word,” she said, even as she cringed.

“Nicholas the former fiancé?”

“Yes. I’m sorry. Now is not a very appropriate time to talk about him.”

Xander nudged her chin so she would look into his eyes. “Anytime you need to talk, I’m here. Okay?”

“Okay.” She barely paused before continuing on a sigh. “Nicholas was one of my professors when we met. Brilliant, extraordinarily caring. He helped me figure out exactly what I wanted to do with my career. Too bad that didn’t also translate with my life.”

“You may not think so now, but I believe you will eventually figure out how to navigate life’s milestones without anyone else telling you how to do it.”

“But there has to be some give and take as you move together in the general direction of married life, right?”

“Who are you asking? I didn’t do it right the first time, remember.” He tucked her unruly hair behind one ear.

“That’s a cop-out. I distinctly recall you broaching the c-word.”

“C-word? I don’t call women bad names.”

“Not that c-word, you dope. Compromise.”

Xander laughed. “But you notice I’ve managed to resist entanglements since that failed attempt.”

She side-eyed him playfully. “Not for lack of strange women—myself included—throwing themselves at you, I’m sure.”

“I’m alone half by necessity and half by choice.”

“How’s that?”

“I work so much I don’t have a lot of time for dating. And my ex was a piece of work, so I’ve been in no particular hurry to figure out if the first time was just a fluke.”

“I hope I can be as flippant about Nicholas in a few years.”

“You mentioned he was older. Would that be my age older, or…ancient?”

It was her turn to laugh. “Just a decade, or what one considers about a year shy of a classic May/December romance.”

“Or, a decade shy of being a dirty old man.” Xander swooped in and nibbled her bottom lip. Sabine straddled him. The heat of her core igniting renewed desire in his loins.

“I think I’d rather do something else, other than talking about aging and bitchy exes now,” she said.

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Growing up, L.V. Lewis wanted to be an internationally known rock star, but unfortunately, lived in the wrong part of the country to pursue that career (and neither American Idol nor The Voice were available then). An early love for the written word gave her the plan B she sought. Her career as a contract manager was not creative writing by a long shot, but it didn’t require her to spend the hundreds of thousands of dollars required for a law degree. It does pay the bills while she dabbles in the publishing world as an author on the evenings and weekends.

LV lives in Florida with her husband. They are the parents of four children, three of whom don’t think they need their parents anymore, so they share their home with a sweet female German Shepherd and an alpha male Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix who thinks he rules the world.
Her love for writing is only eclipsed by her love for her family.