**BLITZ** A Dragon’s Destiny by Tina Glasneck


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Curses are destined to be broken…
In this the first of the Dragons series, time travel and fantasy are weaved together in a fast-paced, funny yet emotional romance.
Jaz, a fish out of water in the real world, discovers that she is actually a dragon. She must seek her true destiny in another, parallel place.
There she discovers that Erich, the man she secretly lusts after in real time, is the Dark Knight. He’s ruthlessly extinguishing the ancient Norse religion in an emerging Christian world.
Is he the beloved Jaz is tasked to find in order to release her dragon heart?

Here’s An Excerpt From Tina…

“Do you always sneak up on women?” I asked, still not turning my head, though I perceived it was him. Just like I was aware that he preferred sparkling water to tap water, and he’d be wearing that devilish smile on his above-average attractive face.
To catch a glimpse of him in person, beat the dream I had of him every night where he wielded a jewel- encrusted sword. Nightly he appeared as a Viking, but today I had the embrace-destiny-1pleasure of seeing him as he really was—an attractive man holding flowers.
“Only those that wish me to. Another late night?”
Concern peppered his voice. Erich never asked a question just to hear his own voice, no matter how appealing that might be.
“Something like that.”
I sniffed the air and smelled a combination of Old Spice mixed with fresh geraniums. “Flower delivery for your dear sister?”
I turned to face him.
He stood there, a neatly trimmed beard resting on his chiseled jaw. Kissable lips smiled. His six foot four inch stature towered over me. His silver eyes practically sparkled.
“Well, I’d bring them to you, too, except only the rarest flower will do for you, and my order hasn’t come in yet.”
“I think that’s just another of the excuses I’ve been hearing for months — our morning accidental meetings, with you wearing a tight T-shirt stretched across your broad shoulders. Next thing you know, you’ll beat me senseless with a bat over the head and drag me away to do naughty things.”
“Oh, so you’ve noticed?”
I laughed.
“I don’t know what I should be most offended about, that you laugh at imagining me being naughty or wielding a bat.” He came closer and leaned in. “I’ve been known to wield much more enjoyable things than a blasted bat.”
“A video game controller doesn’t count.”


Excerpt Two…heart-fire

“Who are you?” I asked.
“We go by many names, most recently, the Norns,” they all said in unison.
“But that isn’t as important as that which I must tell you,” said the second woman. “Great evil seeks to snuff you out, and only through the great Norseman will you survive it. Trust him.”
“I don’t trust easily,” I said.
The third woman moved toward me, and whispered. “We all are afraid of getting hurt, but it is what we do with that fear. Either cower or fight. You must learn to fight.”
“You all have the wrong person,” I said.
“Oh, you’ve gone and scared her now,” said the first of three women.
“We promised we wouldn’t do that. The Goddess will not be happy,” said the second woman.
“Shush it. She must know,” said the third woman.
“No, you are not the wrong person, daughter of the Dreki, you are a dragon.” said the third woman.
A roar formed in my stomach and inched up my esophagus. My body trembled; my skin blistered; and, my bones cracked and shifted. I watched as if I were a foreigner in my body, as my brown skin changed, gleaming with specks of greens, blues and gold.

Meet The Author…


TINA GLASNECK can’t imagine a world without books. Her works have been classified in several genres, including mystery, suspense, fantasy and paranormal romance, and new adult. Yet for Tina, it is all about the characters and their journeys.
An avid reader with a love of traveling, meeting new people and exploring her world, her interest in law, religion, history, fantasy, and dragons, made writing about it an “easy” choice. Give her a castle to enchant her, and tell her a funny story to make her snort with laughter, but please don’t serve her cake with red icing.
Tina takes joy in beautiful architecture, lively cities and world travel. She enjoys creating make-believe worlds where she sometimes resides, and is often thinking about and tinkering on her next story. Sometimes she feels like a real life Cinderella, without the ashes or the fairy godmother; and, at other times, she is just a girl, looking for a chance to tell that next great story.

To learn more, please visit her website, Facebook, or twitter



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**BLITZ** Finding Harmony by Avery Price


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Last semester of senior year can be tough. Enemies forced to work together with graduation on the line is tougher.


When I prepared for the first day of my final semester senior year, I never thought that day my life would change forever, but when I collided with him in the campus cafe so began a tale as old as time. Love at first sight? No, I meant the other one. Guy spills girl’s beloved coffee and they become arch enemies. Little did I know this was only the beginning of my rivalry with Jason Black.


She was going to be the death of me. This mystery girl crashes into me, but somehow I’m the bad guy. Not only does she cause a scene in front of the entire cafe, screaming accusations like a banshee, but then she bites me! Granted, I shouldn’t have tried to kiss her mid-argument, but hindsight is 20/20. Nothing to do now but try to avoid her until school was over, which shouldn’t be too hard considering there’s only one semester left until graduation.

Two college seniors. Two dark pasts. One chance to change their hearts forever.


Here’s An Excerpt From Avery…

You’re really that full of yourself? You would’ve seen me navigating the tables with my breakfast,” she pointed to the mess on the floor, “if your head was in its place instead of being ridiculously far up your ass, you arrogant jerk!”

Okay, now that was taking things way too far. You didn’t just crash into a guy and then accuse him of having his head up his ass. I had never met her, I was sure.  I could never have forgotten that hair and those eyes  but her words made me wonder if she was some jilted past lover. I don’t know why but I hoped not.

Meet The Author…


About Avery…
Avery Price calls North Carolina home, but she spends most of her time traveling. She plans to go on safari in Africa, and experience the magic of Ireland. She is the dreamer of impossible dreams, refusing to give up hope fairies and dragons are out there.

When she isn’t exploring this beautiful world, she like to snuggle in at home with a cup of coffee and a good book while convincing herself she doesn’t need a pet.

Connect with Avery…



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**BLITZ** On A Black Horse by Monica Corwin


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When a Sun God makes a prophecy, it’s best to heed the warning.

Katherine stands on the edge of ruin. With Ragnarok in full swing and her friends off finding their own lives she can’t find a purpose in her existence. When Baldir, their missing Sun God, kidnaps Katherine and entreats her to care for his friend, a wounded hellhound, Katherine makes a selfish choice for the first time in her life.

Arwan never expected to meet a God, let alone fight a group of them to begin the Apocalypse. After the battle between Bianca, the Horseman of Conquest, and Hel, the Goddess of the Underworld, Arwan, escapes home to the Welsh coast intent to die on his own land.

With Hel dead, the Horseman believe they’ve stalled Ragnarok. But Baldir has a dream that ignites the Horseman to take out the remaining hounds loyal to Hel, which includes the incapacitated Arwan.

Can Katherine go against her friends to save a man she promised to protect? Even if Arwan could end the Horseman for good?


Here are a few excerpts from the author…


“I know, but she was willing to take care of you. Even knowing what you are.”
Guilt began a slow slide into his belly. “She knew?”
Baldir leveled him with a look. “Yes, I told her and she decided to help anyway. How did you think I convinced her to stay?”
“Which one is she? I know she’s not Conquest as I met her face to face. I wasn’t there for the first fight so I didn’t see them all then. I know Cloris’s face too. Is she War or is she Famine?”
Baldir bit his lip. “She is famine.”
Katherine shut her eyes and tried to calm the quake in her stomach. Victor was changed by the machinations of a Fairy King. Somehow she doubted Arwan and Victor’s situations were similar. “So what, my choice is to help him… even if he probably helped bring down Tyr, or if he would have killed Bianca? Oh, my God.” The pieces clicked together in her mind. “That’s why he’s hurt isn’t it, from Bianca and Hel’s fight in the underworld.”
Baldir hung his head. “Yes, but he wouldn’t kill anyone unless they harmed him first. Apart from you, he is one of the gentlest souls alive.”
Katherine scowled at him and crossed her arms under her chest trying to hug herself into calm. This wasn’t fair. She agreed to help before knowing the details. Baldir should have divulged Arwan’s identity from the start. If she saved him, in the future he might be pitted against her. Or, worse, her friends.
Baldir nodded and marched to the door. A man on a mission. With a hand on the knob he stopped and whispered. “Don’t kill my friend.”
She rolled her eyes. “I won’t hurt him. Go. And hurry back. The faster this is done, the faster I can leave.”
Stuck in random cabin on the coast, of what she assumed was Wales, with an injured hellhound Katherine figured her life was at a tipping point. She sank in the chair and stared at the dancing flames. There were worse situations. Death came to mind… or marriage.



Meet The Author…


Monica Corwin is an outspoken writer who attempts to make romance accessible to everyone no matter their preferences. As a new Northern Ohioian Monica enjoys snow drifts, three seasons of weather, and disliking Michigan. When not writing Monica spends time with her daughter and her ever growing collection of tomes about King Arthur.



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**BLITZ** Let It Breathe by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle


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Donovan, NFL superstar, needs to diversify his portfolio, but a different groupie in his bed every night is not what his business manager had in mind. He meets Chai during an investment summit and they spend one unforgettable night together.
Chai, wine heiress, vows to do anything to save her family’s vineyard, but sleeping with Donovan may be taking her pledge too far. When Donovan agrees to invest, she is skeptical. He wants to show her a whole world exists outside of the vineyard.
But, at what cost.
Can Chai save her family’s legacy without loosing her self-respect and more importantly, her heart?


Read An Excerpt…

I pulled the door open and couldn’t get the grin off my face. People wonder why professional athletes were so cocky. Because a plumber couldn’t pull of what I just accomplished tonight.
“I’m sorry, what was your name again?” I raised my eyebrows.
She narrowed her eyes and I sensed it took considerable effort for her to stay.
I grinned again and took another sip. I studied her face. She was a classic beauty; big brown eyes and wavy dark brown hair that flowed over her shoulders. I would guess she was Italian, but her accent was American.
She bit her lip and crossed her hands over her chest.
I laughed.
“Am I amusing you?” She asked.
“No,” I shook my head. “Just laughing at the irony of the situation.”
“Can you just,” she held a hand up. “Not talk.”
“What would you like me to do with my mouth?”
Lust flashed in her eyes. She covered it by walking in, grabbing the bottle in my hand and downing it. I saw it thought. She liked the dirty talk.
She stepped to the window. I walked up behind her. I stood a few inches away, but she could feel my heat and I sensed her shiver.
“You ready?” I asked.
“Ready for what?”
She turned her head towards me.
“Ready for me to fuck that ten punch chip off your shoulder?”
She spun on her heels and stared into my eyes. Her chest rose and fell, her breath shallow and sexy. I peaked at the curve of her breast and wanted to taste it, but stopped myself. She wanted me to make the first. I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction.
There we stood, toe to toe. I took in the subtleties of her face. The curve of her cheek, the twitch in her lip when she tried to remain neutral. let-it-breathe-sam
She leaned in and I leaned in. She turned her head to the left. I turned mine to the left. She licked her lips and I did the same. A small wrinkle creased the top of her nose and I knew it was only a matter of time.
When she stepped back, I masked my disappointment.
She leaned against the window and sighed. Oh man if it wasn’t the sexiest sound I had ever heard and I had heard some scandalous stuff in my time.
I stood my ground. The distance allowed me to check out the rest of her. I was right, her amazing body made me hard. It was around the time my gaze feel on her legs, that she caught me off guard and attacked me.
Chai gripped the side of my face, tilted it and dove on my lips. Her hand moved down and gripped the back of my neck and pressed our faces together. I nibbled on her lip and she opened and I met her aggression with some of my own when I pressed my tongue in her mouth and tasted her. Her tongue tasted like tequila and honey.
I hadn’t put my hands on her. She must have noticed. She pulled away. Her hand went up to her mouth and the confusion in her eyes broke me. She stepped around me, but I pulled her back into my chest.
“Where you going?” I asked as I cupped her breast and ran my hand up her skirt between her thighs. She whimpered. She tried to pull away at first, but sank into me and pushed my hand up further.
I skimmed my hand over her silk panties and her knees buckled. I held her up and walked us both over to the bed.
I pushed her down and she flipped onto her back. Her hands splayed out and gripped the sheets. I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off. I stood in front of her. I wanted to see her.
“Your turn.”
She sat up, unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it off. She deposited it on the floor with mine. The black lace bra framed her breast so well, I had to reach out and touch them. I ran my fingers over the curve of her mound. They were real.
I reached for the button on my pants, but she pushed my hands away.
“May I?”
I pushed her hands away and she pouted. Again, made me hard.
“Is this what you want?” I rubbed the bulge in my pants.
God, please say yes. Please say yes.
She smiled and nodded. It was the first genuine smile I’d seen on her face.
It looked good on her.
I dropped my hands to my side. She unbuttoned my pants and pushed them down off my hips. She ran a hand over my bulge and I smiled. She reached into my shorts, pulled me out, licked her lips and smiled again.
I was done. She was so beautiful and so complex. I couldn’t hold back. Enough with the games. I had to have her.
By the way she stroked me and pulled me into bed, she wanted me, too.


Meet The Author…


Sydney Aaliyah Michelle is a Contemporary Romance writer, a voracious reader and movie fanatic who hails from Texas.
After surviving 5 1/2 years living in China, she had the courage to finally pursue her passion and become a writer.
Sydney’s novels tackle the dramatic world that is college and professional football She writes about heroines who love their men and the sports world they play in.
She identifies the sci-fi action flick “The Matrix” as the best representation of her life in the past. She is now blessed to be awake and doing what she loves.
She can recite the entire script from the 80’s teen comedy/drama “The Breakfast Club” and loves any and everything associated with the Avengers Movie, especially Tony Stark.
When it come to books, Sydney reads different genres, but some of her favorite writers are Stephen King, Alex J. Cavanaugh, J.A Huss, M. Never & Emily Bronte. Under the Dome, The Great Gatsby & Wuthering Heights are her favorite books.

Sign up for her newsletter (https://madmimi.com/signups/213195/join), and visit her at her website and on social media.
Website: http://sydneyamichelle.com/
Blog: https://sydneyaaliyah.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SydneyAaliyahMichelle
GoodReads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8048897.Sydney_Aaliyah_Michelle
Amazon author page: https://www.amazon.com/Sydney-Aaliyah-Michelle/e/B00KKYD5US/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1416774109&sr=1-2-ent
Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/sydney-aaliyah-michelle
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sydneyamichelle
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/sydliyah/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sydneyamichelle/


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**BLITZ** Punishing Miss Primrose


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Indulge your inner wanton…

Miss Primrose needs to be punished.

A member of the wickedly wanton Inn of the Red Chrysanthemum, where the most taboo and illicit pleasures are indulged, Miss Primrose—or Mistress Primrose, as she prefers—left Nicholas Edelton a shell of a man. Now his older brother, Spencer Edelton, the Marquess of Carey, intends to provide her a set-down she will never forget.

Weary from exacting her revenge upon the man who raped her sister, Beatrice Primrose has had her fill of men of privilege and presumption, but she accepts a fateful invitation from a handsome nobleman to spend a sennight at his estate for a grand sum of money. She soon learns, however, that she will not get to reprise her role as Mistress. To her horror, she finds his lordship expects her to submit to him!

But Beatrice won’t give in so easily.

In a clash of wills, fueled by vengeance and lust, Lord Carey and Miss Primrose wrestle for dominance in, and out of, the bedchamber. Their biggest struggle, however, may be against their own desires

Can Miss Primrose take what she dishes? And will Lord Carey succumb or succeed in punishing Miss Primrose?

READER ADVISORY: Punishing Miss Primrose is an erotic regency-set historical romance with BDSM elements and themes of submission and dominance. It is written as a serial of short stories, which can be purchased individually or in bundled sets. For more wickedly wanton tales, visit www.EroticHistoricals.com.

Themes/Elements in this series include erotica, BDSM, domination and submission, bondage, discipline, 19th century Regency historical, a strong heroine, revenge and romance.

Read An Excerpts…

“My circumstances are no affair of yours,” she said.
Hoping to place some distance between them so that she could compose her thoughts, she turned away from him, but he reached for the bookshelf beside her, blocking her path with his right arm. He was now closer to her than ever, and she detected the aroma of brandy upon him. Her pulse quickened. She had neglected to devise a strategy for her engagement with this patron, and she sensed the danger of not having done her due diligence, especially as she found herself responding in a most inconvenient fashion to his nearness.
“And if I make it my affair?” he breathed upon her.
Steeling her nerves, she turned to face him, her back pressed against the bookcase. “Surely you did not pay a hundred pounds to hear me tell a tale of woe?”


He was close enough that if he lowered his head, their lips could touch, and for a second, curious if he might prove a good lover, she wished he would kiss her. His right hand came off the bookcase and cupped the side of her face. With his thumb, he tilted her chin up. His fingers came to rest upon the nape of her neck. She became acutely aware of her vulnerability and the difference in their size and strength.


Meet The Author…

EM BROWN is an award-winning multi-published author of contemporary and historical erotic romance. She found the kinky side to her writing after reading stories at Literotica.com. She likes to find inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, be it classical movies, porn, embarrassing high school photos, her favorite Sara Lee dessert, and the time she accidentally flashed an audience with her knickers.
Social Media Links:

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**BLITZ** Worlds Collide by JL Hendricks


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Can Natalie get past her abusive ex-fiance and find true love with an alien?

Natalie is on a journey to realize that maybe being abducted wasn’t so bad after all. Before she can learn that, she will realize what her old fiancé was really like, and how her new life might be just what she wanted all along. And maybe she can even find a way to help the human slaves aboard her ship.

Zelan wanted to settle down, but as a pure-blood, he realized his chances of love with a human, or anyone, were very low. He is very patient with Natalie, and shows her the love and attention every woman deserves. Will he win her heart?

The Zateelians (Insectoids) are on the planet and searching for humans! Early on in this book you will find out why. But don’t fret! Our super strong and hunky aliens have it all under control, or do they?

If you like a clean version of Ruby Lionsdrake adventure/romance books, then you will love Worlds Away and Worlds Collide, part of the Alpha Alien abduction Tales. Be sure to grab your copies of all books today!

Read Excerpt One…

“Natalie, you are with me today. We need to scour the back section of the ship for supplies while we wait for the Star Prime to arrive.” Zelan pointed to me as I sat in the cramped corner of the room I had been staying in since the crash.
Those of us who were too stupid to get away once the ship crashed had all been corralled and brought to the front of the ship. We were all split up into different rooms and sections. Some even had to sleep in the corridor. I didn’t know many of the women in this section because most of them had been in the other room of abductees. The aliens called that room Beta, and ours was called Alpha. They were so original with their names. However, I was making friends.
I missed Paris and Sheila, two of the women I met after being abducted by the huge, alpha aliens. They had become my friends. Zelan told me Paris was really busy with her assignment as a medic. I didn’t know she had a medical background. I had thought she was homeless. Maybe living on the streets gave heru a quick medical background?
“Where are we going today? And please tell me you guys have killed all of those giant insects. I don’t think I can take another one touching me, even if you do kill it. That stuff they discharge when you kill them takes forever to come out and stinks something awful!”
Yesterday, when we were out scavenging the ship, we came across three insectoids inside our ship who were ravaging our supplies. They were stuffing their backpack shaped bags with medical supplies as well as with our food bars. I thought that their ship must have taken a lot of damage for them to come over here during the day. Zelan thought they had been here all night and were waiting for the sun to set before setting off back to their ship.
The mutant insectoids, the Zateelians, who invaded our ship after shooting it down from space, didn’t like the sunlight. They could stand to be outside for a little while, but not too long. It is thought that the sun hurts their eyes. The rest of their body seems to be very strong. I know this because it took three shots from Zelan to kill one of them who had me pinned down on the ground. It slathered some goo on me, into my face to be precise, and then was backing away. My guess is it knew that the next shot was going to kill it, and it did. This then put more of that slime on my body. I couldn’t win, even when they died. After that, we went straight to the med-bay where the doctor examined me and proclaimed me clean.
What was that all about?
I was covered in that disgusting, viscous discharge the bug left all over the top half of my body. I was NOT clean. However, everyone around me seemed to breathe out at once, like they had all been holding their breath. I needed a twenty-minute shower to get all of that slime off but was only given ten minutes. I swear my hair still smells of mutant cockroach slime.
Today should have been about me resting and recovering, I still had a bump on my head from when that creature attacked me and caused me to fall back to the hard ground. I couldn’t sleep all night thinking about the creature that almost ate me. Now Zelan wants me to go back out with him again?
Is he crazy?


Excerpt Two…

“Great! Out of one jail cell and into another. Natalie, I thought that we were done with that? Why can’t the Commander let us stay in rooms instead of forcing us in here?” Betsy asked me as we were herded like cattle into our new “accommodations,” as the new captain called them.
Accommodations. Yeah right!
The Star Prime arrived today. We had been sent over to the other ship. While it was damaged in the space battle with the Zateelians, it made its way to the planet mostly unscathed. It was in much better shape than our ship. So it was decided that we all needed to head over there.
Betsy had wrapped her arms around her middle section, and I could see she was holding back tears. We had spent the past couple of days on Commander Venay’s ship and helped them to round up supplies and even take care of the wounded. Paris was really in her element acting as a medic on the bridge with the Commander watching her every move. We deserved better treatment than this.
“Betsy, I don’t know. Maybe we can ask Paris when we see her next. If things go back to the way they were, then I bet she will bring us our meals again.” I tried to offer her a smile, but I don’t think it came out very well.
“Natalie, these cells are even smaller than the other ones. How are we going to spend 5 months cooped up here while we wait for our abductors to bring in a new ship?”
“I wish I knew.” I huffed out and looked up to the ceiling. My right hand automatically made its way to my forehead while my left one tried to rest on my hip. This was what I did whenever I was nervous or stressed out. We were so tightly squished in here that my elbow hit someone else on their back, “Sorry about that.” So I dropped my arms to my sides in silent misery.
The new, male warriors served our evening meal. I didn’t recognize any of them from my time on Commander Venay’s ship. It was that stupid, chalky, jello garbage that we had when we were first abducted. “Hey, why are you feeding us this garbage? Where is Paris? She used to bring us Earth food.” I asked one of the new warriors on guard duty.
“This is standard fare for slaves. Be happy that you are getting anything at all,” he stated with zero emotion in his voice. He sounded more like an android than a person. But then again, this was a regular soldier who was accustomed to fighting and picking out slaves. Not one of the slave trade warriors who made regular trips to Earth, and were comfortable with us.
Over the past week, we had started to make quasi-friendships with a few of the warriors who guarded us on a regular basis. Somehow, I doubted these new guys would become our friends.
“Can I ask where Paris is?”
“She is spending time with the Commander. They are to be mated tomorrow,” Mr. Personality said.
“Really? Already? Isn’t it a bit soon?” My jaw dropped as my hands flew in the air and bounced down on my thighs, hitting someone in the process. I mumbled an apology, but she didn’t even register I’d hit her.
“No, it is not. If this is what they want, then now is the perfect time. Our Captain can take good care of this ship without the Commander.”
“Oh, I see how it is. You don’t like the Commander, do you?” I eyed him up and down as he squirmed before answering me.
“There is nothing wrong with the Commander. I just do not know him. But it is safer for his mate to go through with the ceremony. Once that happens, no one on this ship will touch her. She will be treated like a queen. You might want to consider your options as well. Spending the next five months in these packed cells will not be pleasant.” He spun on his heels, walked over to the next cell, and ignored my requests to get a message to Paris.
“Hmph, maybe Sheila or Lisa will come visit us tomorrow, Betsy.” I narrowed my eyes at that guard and decided that he was definitely not going to be the warrior I would mate with. If I ever did.

Excerpt Three…

As we moved through the jungle, I could no longer hear the birds or see any small animals. I thought about all of the scary movies I had watched growing up. The girl who gets eaten by a monster, or killed by the crazy guy, always noticed how quiet it was before the psycho monster attacked. I kept alert looking around us as we moved very slowly towards the area Lorlo kept gesturing toward. Thankfully, I was mostly in the middle of the group, and Zelan was next to me as he promised.
I heard some rustling up ahead as I lost sight of those in the lead. Then I heard a phaser gun go off. In fact, I heard several phasers fire. My eyes grew wide, and I was about to scream when Zelan pushed me down on the damp earth. I turned my head toward the sound of the fighting and noticed that other warriors had tackled some of our women. My heart was beating out of my chest. Why were the warriors laying on top of the girls with their weapons drawn? What was going on in front of us? I tried to count how many were still in our party, but I couldn’t turn my head far enough to see those behind me.
I watched as Lorlo came back and looked at everyone lying down, “Zelan, I need to show you something. The rest of you might want to back off a little.” He turned around to go back to where he came from, and Zelan jumped up and started to walk away.
“Hey, I thought you weren’t going to leave my side the entire time? You can’t leave me here while there are still who knows how many bugs out there that might attack.” I started to walk after him, but he turned around.
“Natalie, you are right. Be careful and stay close.” He put out an arm for me to grab, and when I did, we walked towards Lorlo.
As soon as we caught up to Lorlo and the other warriors, I almost puked. I wished that I would have stayed back where I was. Down on the ground were two women who had their heads blown off. But that wasn’t the worst part. Inside their brains were small cockroaches! They were covered in them.
I turned around and started to gag, and Zelan put his hand on my back. “Shh, it’s alright. Natalie, there was nothing we could have done for them. Trust me when I say it is better that we killed them now.”
“What happened? Why did they have so many cockroaches on them? And what do you mean it’s better you killed them now? Haven’t they been dead a long time? How else did all those bugs get on them?” I blurted out as I tried to clean off my face.

Meet The Author…


J.L. Hendricks is a new, independent author. The Interdimensional Saga series is her first one and she is very excited to share Book 1, Eclipse of the Warrior.
Her latest series which just came out last this month is a PG-13 version of the hot Alien Sci-Fi Romance genre! She thought it might be fun to write in that world while still keeping it mostly clean for everyone to read. Book 2, Worlds Collide was just released and is looking to be her best launch to date!
She is very proud to have served in the US Army before she went to college. She decided to finally write, and finish a book, this year because of a few friends who encouraged her to do so. She hopes her stories entertain you and can bring a laugh on occasion.
Actually, it was her roommate’s cat who talked her into staying at home to be her minion all day long! Pyper truly believes that J.L. is here to serve her alone, and to feed her whenever she graces J.L. with her presence.

Follow me on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/JLHendricksAuthor/
Or join my blog at: https://jlhendricksauthor.com/blog/

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** Cover Reveal** The Fix It or Get Out Series


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Marry the Wrong Man? Marriage Crumbling? Think You’re a Failure?
Ladies, We Are Not Alone. 3 Great Stories. Which One is Yours?

Are you at that pivotal point in your life when you look back and wonder when it all went wrong? The Fix It or Get Out Series explores the inner workings of these ladies’ minds and hearts, and the value they place on family and love. They encourage us not to judge but to understand, with scenarios that many women can relate to. Clearly when you think you’re going through something alone, there are many other women going through exactly the same difficulties and emotions. If you like books that make you feel something and you can empathize with the characters, then take a ride with three stories that will stay with you long after you read The End.

Cheating to Survive
Hate your boss? Want to Strangle Your Husband? Be Glad Your Co-Workers Can Keep a Secret.
To her three daughters, Heather is a fun-loving, silly mom. Her co-workers at Norlyn Plains Hospital think she has it all, including a handsome lawyer husband.
But when a flirtatious new doctor chooses Heather to spend his down time with, he reminds her of the man she regrettably gave up so many years before. Each interaction breathes new life into her and she gives in to the doctor’s seductions, threatening her fifteen year marriage.
Her co-workers Victoria and Catherine, are stunned by her actions, but when they see the positive transformation in Heather, and question their own crumbling marriages, they wonder if she has the right idea.
Can cheating on their husbands bring the three of them happiness? Or will they be destroyed by the consequences?

Every Five Years
Many Try to Keep them Apart….Destiny’s Determined to Keep them Together.
When Nicolo, a vibrant new employee starts at Heather’s job, he ignites a fire inside her giving her a glimpse at an adventurous future, and she finds herself second-guessing her boring future as a lawyer’s wife. But before she reveals her true feelings, a jealous boss fires Nicolo, leaving Heather with no chance of finding him.
Five years later during a rare night out, fate reunites them and that old spark is still very much alive. Captivating and sexy, Nicolo shows her what’s been missing in her life. Torn between losing him again and the emotions she can no longer suppress, they launch into a powerful love affair. Heather discovers true passion, and knows she must leave her fiancé before she surrenders to an unfulfilling future. As she prepares to tell him, Heather’s life is torn apart again.
Fate continues to step in, making sure Heather and Nicolo’s paths cross every five years. Destiny’s determined to keep offering another shot…if they’re brave enough to grab it.
Every Five Years is a witty, heartfelt story of true love and what happens when life keeps getting in the way. Full of intrigue, laughter, and love.

The Bridges Before Us
Samantha is About to Jump Head First into a World She Can’t Control.
Frustrated with her uneventful life as a Registered Dietitian at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Samantha Hart is tired of being invisible and decides a walk on the wild side might do her some good.
Intrigued by the scandalous lifestyle of her dynamic co-worker Cara, Samantha attempts to transform herself into Cara’s sinful image. But when she finds her new path meaningless and hollow, not to mention dangerous, she looks for someone with better judgment to steer her in the right direction and it’s someone she least expects. Can Samantha trust the newly hired employee in the Nutrition Department? A man who seems to hate everything about her. Or is he the only one that sees beneath her bad girl façade and can teach her to embrace who she really is?
The Bridges Before Us is a captivating, roller coaster ride of drama, humor, and love, guaranteed to make you wonder if you have everything figured out in your life.


Meet The Author…


Christine Ardigo is a Registered Dietitian/Personal Trainer who writes contemporary romance novels in her spare time. When weight lifting, rock climbing, white-water rafting, and jumping out of airplanes wasn’t enough, she decided to fulfill a dream she had as a child: to write a book.
She’s lived in New York her entire life and can’t imagine living anywhere else. She has the beaches, the bay and the city, all a half hour away. She’s built memories here with her husband, two silly daughters and a bunch of crazy friends, all whom she loves very much.

Enjoy the Ride!
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**Release Day Blitz** Pursued by Bethany Shaw


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Trapped by a mutual enemy, they have no choice but to work together.

All Sophie wants to do is escape the prison that has held her for so long. Years of abuse have taken their toll on her. After a failed escape attempt, she is imprisoned with a bear shifter. Can the two of them work together to achieve their freedom?

Captured by an enemy that wants to kill him, Callum is determined to free himself and the cute tiger shifter who shares his cell. It’s kill or be killed and he’s not ready to die. He definitely can’t stand the thought of anything happening to Sophie. She’s a gentle soul who despite her circumstances still has a good heart. As he fights to free them both, he begins to fall for the tempting tiger. Can he get them to safety and win her heart, or will his enemy destroy everything that he’s working for?

Read A Few Excerpts…

Callum forced himself to his feet. His knees wobbled, but he ignored it, wanting to see what was going to happen. Sophie stood next to him. He put his arm out, keeping himself protectively in front of her.
At least ten men marched toward them holding tasers and clanking chains. Callum balled his fists at his sides. This couldn’t be good.
The hunters stopped in front of the door.
“Get back,” one of them said, holding his weapon at the ready.
Callum took a step back and Sophie followed his lead. A man stepped forward and unlocked the cell door. He tossed a chain at Sophie then to Callum. They weren’t just chains, but handcuffs and ankle shackles. “Put them on.”
Sophie stared at Callum with wide eyes, and he gave her a nod, now wasn’t the time to fight. There were too many of them. It would serve them better to cooperate for the moment so they could stay conscious long enough to come up with a plan that would work.
He let out breath when she bent over to pick up the chains, securing the cuffs to her feet first then to her wrists. Callum did the same. He left the shackles loose enough on his joints that if he got the ability to shift back he could, hopefully breaking the bindings in the process.
The hunter nodded at them and moved with his back against the bars until he stood behind them.
Another man stepped inside, holding two needles. “Don’t move a muscle.” He popped the top of the syringe with his teeth and jammed the pointy end into Callum’s bicep, effectively squashing any hopes he had of shifting anytime soon. Then he did the same to Sophie. She winced but didn’t say anything as he plunged the needle into her arm.
The man behind them nudged him. “Now go. Slowly. Sophie first. Don’t try anything funny either.”
Callum watched as Sophie took a few steps forward, waddling as best she could in her constraints. He followed after her. She stopped next to the hospital bed and went to lean forward.
“Keep moving,” a hunter said as he shoved her forward.
“Now!” The man shoved her hard enough to make her stumble.
“I just want to say goodbye,” Sophie said.
The hunter’s hand whipped up, connecting with her face. She cried out and fell backward, colliding with the metal bars as she struggled to find her footing.
Callum roared as he moved forward. Several tasers pressed against his skin, sending charges racing through him. He grunted as he collapsed to his knees. Hands grasped him, hauling him back to his feet.
“Keep him conscious,” one man said. “I don’t feel like dragging his heavy ass across the complex.”
“Walk,” another man said, shoving him forward.
His muscles contracted painfully as he moved forward. If he weren’t as large as he was, the jolt would have incapacitated him completely.
They were led out into the sterile white hallway and Callum had to blink against the offensive brightness of the lights. The hunters led them through the complex, down winding hallways until they reached a garage. A large truck with a semi type trailer sat in the middle with its metal doors open.
“Get in,” a hunter said, shoving Sophie from behind.
“You too,” the man from behind him said.
He walked up the ramp and took a seat on a metal bench that had been screwed into the floor. Sophie sat down and stared at him from the opposite side.
A door clanged shut and they both turned. Another man, most likely a shifter, was being led to their truck too. Callum had never met the man before, but there was something familiar about him.
He nodded at the newcomer, silently asking Sophie who he was. She shrugged in response and motioned with her hands.
The man stumbled up the ramp and eased himself down on the bench next to Callum. He grunted and leaned back, sticking one leg out in front of him. Blood seeped through the white linen on his thigh.
Callum turned his attention back to the hunters, watching as they rolled the ramp up and someone tugged each door shut. The truck rocked back and forth and he heard a clicking sound, which he assumed was some sort of a lock. Then someone tapped on the outside of the truck and an engine roared to life.

Excerpt Two…

Sophie ran a hand through her hair and let out a breath. She fiddled with the remote as she went to the bed, turning the TV on. Flipping through the channels, she paused at a news broadcast. On the screen was an image of her, Callum, and Terrence in their animal forms. The newswoman went on to say how there had been no other sightings since that day, but residents in the area were still urged to use caution.
“Looks like we caused quite the ruckus,” Callum said from behind her.
Sophie jumped, not realizing he was so close. He made his way to the bed and got situated in the spot next to her.
“I guess so,” she said, relaxing back into the pillows. “Is that a bad thing?”
He was shirtless, his hair still wet from the shower. She bit her lip, allowing her gaze to sweep over him.
“They won’t find us.” Callum shook his head. “I’m sure they will have some questions – they’ll just never get answered.”
She forced her gaze back to the TV, watching for a few moments as the reporter expanded on the story.
“It’s nothing to worry about,” Callum said. “The world doesn’t know about us. Shifting has its benefits. Speaking of shifting, you should probably do it again soon. The more practice the better, and the less painful it will be. Plus your body craves the transformation.”
“There was something freeing about running as a tiger. Obviously I can’t transition here,” she said, motioning to the room.
“No, I suppose not. But you could practice partial shifts.”
“Partial shifts,” she repeated slowly. “What’s that? I mean, I know what it is, I’ve seen shifters do just their hands or their eyes, but do you think I’m ready for that? I’ve only shifted once in my entire life.”
Callum shrugged. “Everyone has to start somewhere. It’s a good way to appease your animal half on nights like tonight where we can’t get out.”
“How do I do it?” she asked, curious.
“It’s not hard really. Why don’t we start with something easy like your eyes?”
“Okay,” she said.
“Close them.”
She did as he said.
“Good. Now think about your tiger’s eyes. How sharp and crisp everything is when you look through them.”
Sophie did as he asked, remembering the way her vision had enhanced the other day when she’d been a tiger. Her face went numb and she inhaled a deep breath, recognizing the odd tingles zipping through her face as a sign of her change.
“Did I do it?” she asked opening her eyes.
The room looked different, not because it was but because she had indeed done it. Her vision and hearing had always been impeccable in her human form, but now as a cat it was even better. Leaning forward, she smiled. She could even hear the rhythmic thrum of Callum’s heart beating.
She lifted her fingers to her face. Fur had spread across her cheekbones and her nose was flatter than it should be. Her ears were fuzzy and pointed too, but her vision was what she cared about. She’d done it. Maybe not as well as some of the others who could do just their eyes, but she’d take the small win that she had.
“You did good,” Callum said as she met his gaze. A wide grin was on his face and he was closer than she thought he was. She swallowed as her eyes dipped down to his full lips, then looked away.
She shook her head and let out a breath as her face tingled again, returning to normal.
“That was pretty cool,” she said with a giggle.
“I thought you might like it.”
“How often can I do that? How long until I can do just my eyes?” she asked.
“You can do it as often as you like. The more you do it, the better control you’ll have,” he said.
“So you can do just your eyes?” Sophie asked.
Callum closed his eyes, opening them a few seconds later. The stormy grey was gone, replaced by an onyx color. Before she could stop herself, she reached out and touched his face by his temples. He stayed where he was, letting her move her fingers down his cheek before she let her hand drop back to her lap.
He shut his eyes again and reopened them, allowing them to return to their natural color. “The key is to transition the animal parts of you that will be most effective depending on what the situation calls for. My eyesight isn’t very different as a bear, so I probably wouldn’t change it regardless of the situation. But say we were in a fight, I’d focus on my hands.” He flexed his fist and Sophie watched as hair sprouted out and his hand grew, doubling in size as it became a giant paw. “A good hit with my paw will knock anyone out.”
Sophie reached out and trailed her fingers over his furry paw. It was soft to the touch, but she had no doubt that it could do a lot of damage if Callum wanted it to.
He curled his paw inward, gently clasping her palm as if they were holding hands. She licked her lips, surprised by the tenderness of it.
His bones snapped and realigned. The bear paw was gone, replaced by a human hand. Callum’s thumb rubbed tiny circles onto the back of her hand, causing her to swallow. It felt nice – better than nice. Heat raced through her, awakening parts of her body she’d never thought any man would ever touch.
Callum shook his head and released her hand, turning back to the TV.
She let out a breath, wondering what in the world had just happened as she stared at the screen. The news was still on and they’d moved onto another story that she had no interest in.

Meet The Author…


Bethany Shaw lives in Ohio with her husband and two kids. Writing has always been her passion and she loves sharing her stories with readers.
When she isn’t writing, she is spending time with her family. They enjoy bike rides, bowling, and board games.
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**Release Day Blitz** Ashes to Ashes Volume One by Annie Anderson

Fashionable tatooed man with beard in casual clothing.

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Are you ready to fall into the world of Phoenixes and Wraiths who guard the gates of the beyond? Ashes to Ashes Series Volume One includes the first three books in the Ashes to Ashes series by Annie Anderson.

He took everything from her, but she needs him if she wants to live. Rock, meet hard place in Scattered Ashes. She’s missed the last fifty years in prison, he’s on the proverbial death row in Falling Ashes. She’s the Queen and he’ll be her King – if they can live that long in Rising Ashes.

About Scattered Ashes:

Aurelia Constantine is having a rough century.
Plagued by visions of murder, death and destruction, she has resigned herself to the nightmare her life has become. When an enemy from her past comes to her rescue, she must let go of old wounds and heal the breach so she may survive the evil poisoning her mind.

Rhys Stevens is guilty.
Murder. Betrayal. Treason. Take your pick; he’s guilty of them all. On the path of redemption, he must beg for forgiveness from the one person he fought to save – the woman he has always loved.

Thrown together in the trenches of war, they must work as a team to stop a monstrous puppet master from pulling their strings. Ashes, ashes. We all fall down.
Get ready to burn.

About Falling Ashes:
Mena Constantine is pissed off.
Finally freed from her fifty-year imprisonment by a maniacal leader, she is desperately trying to recover and get her life back. Problem is, the life she had is long gone. Struggling under the weight of her memories and healing from the wounds of her captivity, she can’t seem to catch a break. Every waking moment, death seems like a relief she would welcome.

Asher Crane is a dead man.
As a Guardian to the King, his only purpose in life is to keep the King alive. And he’s failing. Miserably. With the King ill, the Queen dying, and zero plans for a successor, he’s pretty much screwed. Because if the King dies, the law says Asher dies, too.

As these two wounded souls collide in a series of bloody and unfortunate events, they will clutch to the last shreds of life before death beats down their door.

About Rising Ashes:
West Carmichael is not my real name.
It is the name I pulled from thin air over five hundred years ago. I don’t come from royalty—I come from the dregs of the ethereal. As the King’s assassin, I have more blood on my hands than most. I don’t deserve her. I don’t deserve anyone.
But I will keep her safe.
Even if I die trying.

Evangeline Black.
My name sounds like the heroine of a historical romance novel – not that I read those or anything. My life so far: Dead parents? Check. Broken heart? Check. Evil mistress of darkness, hell-bent on power and thirsty for my death? Big. Honking. Check. But this mess won’t get cleaned up by itself.
I’ve got a job to do.

As these two reluctant hearts fight their pull, they must decide if they want to fall apart in the midst of the chaos swarming around them or yield to their hearts…
and rise.

Read A Few Excerpts…heart-a2a-vol-1

Aurelia – 1855
The mulch-like growth and rocks on the forest floor crunch and squish together under my feet as I scramble through the bedrock and finish climbing the first foothill.
Stupid skirt. Stupid slippery shoes.
I’m not moving fast enough, but in my state, I’m surprised I can move at all. The stitch in my side is cutting off my breath.
Where are they? I stop and search the sky, but I know it’s too late. The sky is rapidly turning the inky black of evening in the early Fall, and with no moon out tonight, I’ll never see the sky as properly as I should.
The first blow comes, and I cry out in agony as a wound splits open on the back of my forearm. But there’s no one here.
I hear no one and see no one, but a large gaping wound has torn open my arm from wrist to elbow. I smell the coppery bite of blood as the warm, sticky stream seeps down past my fingers and drips onto the dirt, swiftly devoured by the dry soil below.
Blackness clouds my vision for a minute, but I force myself to forget the constant pulse of my wound and pull myself together. I rip a swath off my billowing skirt and use the fabric to bind my arm in an effort to stem the bleeding. The navy blue patterned fabric turns indigo from the blood quickly oozing from my wound.
I pick myself up off the gritty forest floor and start walking, rather than the panicked pace of before. I can’t run with this wound. I’m already pushing it with this silly corset, especially in my condition.
There. I hear it, and I know I was right. They are clashing together somewhere in the distance.
They are going to kill each other.
© Copyright 2016 Annie Anderson


i-can-do-what-i-need-to-a2a-vol-1Excerpt Two…

My brain seems to split in two. I want to maim and murder, but I also want to comfort her. I can almost taste the bitterness of her distress, how much she must hate people looking at her, talking to her after so many years of captivity. I want to see her eyes. I want to know what she’s thinking. I can’t take the waiting, and I move Ian out of the way and then West and then Evan, making my way to the left side of her bed.
I hear the faint sounds of protests and shouts beyond the harsh buzzing in my ears, but I don’t care. I know my hands are taloned, but I can’t think about reining in my phase. I reach out to touch her fidgeting fingers and in surprise, her head finally rises so I can see her face. Her eyes are wide and fringed in black lashes that make her beautiful olive green irises pop. Her forehead and the left side of her face are covered in bruises, and her nose is pert and cute, even if it’s a little swollen. Her cheekbones are high and sharp, and as soon as I can, I’m making her eat until she bursts.
Those eyes that just a second ago were startled, swiftly turn from surprised to angry and in a flash her irises turn from green to gold. The last thought of consciousness I have before she shocks me stupid is how pretty her eyes are when she’s mad.
© Copyright 2016 Annie Anderson

Excerpt Three…wolves-at-bay-a2a-vol-1

Evan – 1928 – Los Angeles, CA
I was alone – finally alone even in this sea of people– after so much time with the ones I loved breathing down my neck. It was like a vacation. I needed something of my own. A secret, a life, something to break away from my family. Something that didn’t say princess or royalty.
Something that let me just be me. Singing was it for me.
I was ending my five-song set with a favorite of mine, an old Jane Greene song when I saw him. I’d seen him around town a few times, when I was shopping by myself or when I watched a boxing match at the Olympic Auditorium, a scandalous activity for an unchaperoned young lady.
But we’d never met.
He was handsome. I even daresay beautiful, if you can call a man like that beautiful. He was tall – taller than anyone in the room by nearly a whole head –and built so powerfully he made the other men look like pitiful adolescents dressed up in their daddy’s clothes. It was difficult to tell if his hair was as dark as it seemed in the low light of the secret club, but it appeared black in the dim. Dressed to the nines in a brilliant black suit, he moved with grace through the crowd until he found his seat at the only open table in the joint, folding his huge frame into the chair with the grace of a jaguar.
Papa had taken me to Brazil when I was just a little girl, and we saw the big cats roam the rainforests. He moved just like those jungle cats, scanning the room for prey and threats, watching everything with disinterest, as if he could take or leave the sights and sounds and people. As if he were bored in this raucous party that seemed to never end.
© Copyright 2016 Annie Anderson

Meet The Author…


Annie Anderson is a military wife and United States Air Force veteran. Originally from Dallas, Texas, she is a southern girl at heart, but has lived all over the US and abroad. As soon as the military stops moving her family around, she’ll settle on a state, but for now she enjoys being a nomad with her husband, two daughters, and old man of a dog.


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**BLITZ** Fit For Love by Brinda Berry


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Fitness Trainer. Bartender. Fake fiancé.

I didn’t plan to fall for her. One minute I’m kissing a stranger on New Year’s Eve and the next I’m engaged. It’s only a misunderstanding, but I’ll take advantage of this unexpected gift. A convenient fake engagement is just what the doctor ordered for my dying grandmother.

Songwriter Makenna Ross is the hottest woman I’ve ever met, and she’s been strumming at my heartstrings from our very first kiss. And her little boy? He’s stolen my affection, too.

When Makenna’s ex-boyfriend hears of our engagement, the lie grows bigger. Bolder. Realer. Yeah, yeah. I majored in physiology, not English.

There’s something she’s not telling me. The harder I chase, the faster she runs. She’s perfect for me, if she’ll let her guard down and let go of her past.

This is my chance to have everything I ever wanted.

I’m Aiden Alesini, and I’ll do whatever it takes to win her love.


1Read A Few Excerpts…

He leans forward, so close I notice the tiny flecks of iridescent color in his blue eyes. “You made an old woman very happy today. She’s important to me. Thank you.”

He’s a hypnotist, and I’m his willing subject. My breaths are shallow. “You’re welcome.” The words come out thready.

I grab his shoulders and go to my tiptoes. His muscles bunch under my hold. Inch by inch, he finally lands his lips against mine. His kiss is soft and romantic, tender and serious.

My lungs expand and struggle. My skin burns with a sudden rise of blood flow. My heart feels swollen. When he pulls back, I realize I’m hanging on to him. I release my grip on his shoulders.

What was he saying? Ah, yes. He thanked me for being nice to his grandma. “You’re welcome,” I mutter.

“You already said that,” he whispers.


Excerpt Two…

New Year’s Eve14712866_1274206649267014_6813762186516889528_o



Every New Year’s Eve, the crowd at Dastardly Bastard’s surpasses all others. Couples. Singles. Drunks. Weirdos.

Weirdos who shout innuendos at bartenders.

I shake my head and smile at an obnoxious female customer who fits firmly into the weirdo category.

“I’m double-jointed,” the customer yells above the music. She tosses her hair and bats her eyelashes at me. “You can bend me any way you like. You know, like one of those people in a freak show. I am that flexible. Want to take me for a test drive later?”

“Thanks, but I can’t test drive customers.”

A stunning redhead slides onto the bar stool next to the Incredible Bending Woman and I gratefully divert my attention to her. “What’ll you have?” I ask.

I’m not easily impressed by a pretty face. I’ve met some of the most beautiful girls in Nashville. I serve them all with an equal dash of courtesy and conversation. But my newest customer isn’t dressed like most of the women here tonight, all set to party-like-it’s-1999 with their slinky dresses and glittery jewelry.

“What?” She leans in and I enjoy a closer view of incredible hazel eyes that tip catlike at the corners, framed with dark lashes. She has one of those Cupid’s bow mouths, perfectly defined and a creamy complexion with a smattering of light freckles across her nose.

“Drink? Can I get you something?” I ask with more volume so she can hear over the music. My phone number? A one-way ticket into my life?

unspecifiedShe shakes her head, glances toward the platform stage at the west end of the bar, and then back to me. “No thanks.”

I nod and stare a little too long. Then I move even closer and lean across with my forearm resting on the bar. I bet a dozen guys have already hit on her tonight. “I’m Aiden. Let me know if you change your mind. You know…if you want water or anything. I’m your man.”

I’m your man? I’m an idiot is more like it. I haven’t been this tongue-tied since I was in middle school and discovered girls for the first time.

“Hey handsome,” the lady to her right shouts at me. “Give me some cherries and I’ll show you what I can do. My tongue has been called a secret weapon, an instrument to bring men to their knees. You have no idea what you’re missing.”

I ignore her and pull a fresh container of sliced limes from the fridge underneath the bar. Glancing up, I smile at the redhead’s expression as she gives the woman next to her a look of incredulity. When she looks back to me, her fantastic cat-eyes crinkle at the corners and her lips part into a you-gotta-be-kidding smile.

I take a step away to serve the next customer who orders a beer.

“Hey,” says the Incredible Bending Woman to the redhead. “Are you making eyes at the bartender?”

I hurriedly shove the beer tap down and glance at them. Do they realize I can hear this conversation?

The redhead wrinkles her brow. “Me?” She even looks around to be sure.

The Incredible Bending Woman sneers. “I know you think he’s hot. Can you deny it?”14463201_1261457507208595_1010908464632827288_n

Red actually blushes, her cheeks coloring to a beautiful rose shade. Yes, I’m not the only one feeling the chemistry.

“Don’t act innocent,” Incredible Bending Woman says with a definite sneer. “I know your type. Boyfriend stealing whore. He can’t handle a real woman anyway.”

Uh oh. This conversation is taking a turn for the worse.

Red pins her with a stare and straightens. “I’m pretty sure he’s sick of chicks who sexually harass him on the job. And what did you call me? I dare you to say that again.”

Fuck. I’m on the wrong side of the bar to stop Red from doing serious damage to the crazy lady.

“Ladies…” I really don’t know how to head this train off. “I think—”

“Forget it,” the Incredible Bending Woman interrupts and hops from her stool. “You just lost your tip,” she says and stomps off in a huff.

“Drink’s on the house,” I say to the redhead. “What did you say your name is?”

“It’s Mak.”

“That’s different.” A woman has never turned me on in less time. Damn.

“Short for Makenna,” she says.

Harper, a waitress, leans over the bar and shouts above the noise. “I need a Captain and Coke, Vodka Red Bull, four draft Buds, and a stun gun for that table near the stage.”

I grab chilled mugs for the beer. Harper’s a wisp of a girl. Also, she dates my buddy, which puts her in the category of family. I watch out for her when I work. “Need me to do anything?”

“No. It’s OK so far,” she says, then turns toward Makenna. “Mak, your band goes on in ten.”

She belongs to one of tonight’s bands?

3Makenna rises from her seat and gives me a smile. “Stay safe. I won’t be around to protect your honor.” Then she walks down a few feet to the stage end of the bar.

Harper taps me. “Earth to Aiden. Drinks?”

I fill the mugs, grab two glasses for the mixed drinks, and slide my gaze back to Makenna. “You know her?” I ask Harper.

“Not really. Met her earlier when she asked me about the band rotation,” Harper answers. She grabs the tray and balances it on one hand. “Cute, huh?”

There’s no time to ask more before Harper heads off with her order.

I make sure to keep Makenna in view. She bobs her head to the beat of the band on stage. I make a point to serve drinks closer to her, but she never even glances my way.

The lead singer of Horny Dawg orders us to look to our right and left in order to find the nearest available lips. I stride to the end of the bar and the only lips I’ve noticed.

The singer leans into the mic. “Wish somebody luck, my friends. If you don’t kiss somebody, your year’s fucked! Three. Twooooo.” He points to the crowd with his tumbler of whiskey.

This is my chance. I step through the end of the bar and stand beside her. “Hi Makenna,” I say. “Want to help a guy out with a kiss? I need all the luck I can get.”

Meet The Author…


Brinda Berry lives in the southern US with her family, where she surfs (the internet) too much, writes too much, and laughs too much. She’s fond of a lot of things, including but not limited to Kings of Leon, peanut butter cookies, flip flops, and good friends. Oh…and books. Of course, books.

She writes young adult fantasy and adult contemporary romance novels with strong females and swoonworthy males.

Follow all her novels on Bookbub at https://www.bookbub.com/authors/brinda-berry. Sign up for her monthly newsletter for release announcements, contests, and special sneak previews for subscribers. Copy and paste this link into your browser: http://www.brindaberry.com/mailing-list.html .


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